Sean gets a Date

Fiction story for a friend.
Sean liked his work at the office but when he got a day or two off he would work as a bike messenger delivering small packages to various businesses in the area where he lives for some extra cash.A few days ago he had delivered to an office near where he lived and was quite pleased to find that the girl on reception was happy to chat with him after he delivered the package to her.That gave him the chance to tell her all about how great he was and how he loved keeping fit and visiting nice places,and as she seemed interested he asked if she would like to go out with him soon to visit the Air and Space Museum.She said she would love that and he got her address from her and agreed to pick her up at home on Saturday morning.He found that her name was Angela and she had her own small apartment in Kensington just south of the I-8 Freeway and not far from his place.The rest of that day he cycled making his deliveries thinking of Angela and her cute ass as she had stood up to wave him goodbye and her lovely big boobs that seemed to be trying to bust out of her blouse.He decided he would clean out his car when he got home so it would be neat and ready for their date.

When he got home that night Sean got a trash bag and almost filled it with all the junk that had accumulated in his Ford Escort and when the bag was almost full he wondered how so much junk could have fitted into a small car.Now he polished the inside surfaces and seats and sprayed a nice perfumed air freshener all over and spread a clean blanket over the back seat and was quite pleased with he result.Now his car looked fit for a hot girl to ride in.Friday he bought an air freshener to hang from his steering wheel and took his car through the car wash so it looked as good as it got.Saturday morning came and he was up bright and early to shower and splash on some nice smelling body lotion that he hoped would make him smell so good to Angela that she would drag him into her bed after their date.He ate a small breakfast which was a piece of pizza left over from a few nights ago,which was all he had in his fridge anyway.Checking his wallet to be sure he had cash and his credit cards,he got into his car and drove down to Adams Ave in Kensington and found the apartment block where Angela lived.She was looking out her window when he arrived and waved for him to stay there as she would come down.

Angela walked over and got into his car as he held the door open for her and then he got in and drove off.They talked as he drove and as they went from I-8 onto route 163 they passed an accident with five cars piled up in the right lane just past where they turned off.The cars were pretty well banged up and there were a couple of bodies lying in the roadway covered in blood waiting for the medics to arrive.Angela gave a little scream and covered her eyes even though they were not going to go near the accident.She admitted to Sean that she was very squeamish and had been known to faint at the sight of blood,and some other things made her feel bad too.She opened her window so she could get fresh air and soon she felt fine.They arrived at Park Blvd and passed the zoo then parked in the middle of a whole bunch of museums;Air and Space,Automotive,Art,Model Railroad,Natural History,all just south of the zoo.Sean made a mental note to come and see more of them some time.

As they walked from the car to the Air and Space Museum they stepped on some bugs that were crawling on the ground and Angela gasped and grabbed his arm to steady herself as she felt bad seeing the squashed bugs;boy was she squeamish thought Sean.They entered the building and slowly walked round looking at all the interesting displays.Sean began to feel slightly squeamish now and he though back to how long that pizza had been in his fridge and decided he should not have eaten it today.He said to Angela that he had to just pop into the toilet for a moment but would be right back,then walked smartly to the men’s room and once inside he threw up the pizza and hoped that would be the end of it.He washed his mouth out with fresh water and left to rejoin his date.They spent lots of time enjoying the displays and when they had seen everything he asked if she would like to go have lunch,and she said that she was feeling hungry now.They got back to his car and drove north to the Prado restaurant of Balboa Park and parked right outside the door then he led her inside and they were seated by the staff at a nice table looking out of the window toward the Japanese Friendship Garden.They enjoyed a very nice lunch and a cold ice tea each and left to walk in the garden.

They walked slowly through the friendship garden and it was going very well until as they rounded a corner they saw a cat which had caught a bird and was proceeding to eat it,ripping out its feathers and chewing its flesh with blood all over the cat’s mouth.Angela wobbled as she saw that and he had to catch her and lead her to a seat out of sight of the cat where she breathed deeply to recover.Naturally he put his arm round her shoulders to comfort her and enjoy a hug a she pulled her toward him,feeling her lovely big boobs press against him.All too soon she felt better and did not need his hug.Sean felt a slight discomfort inside him just as he sneezed and suddenly he felt more discomfort as his butt felt just a little damp and warm.He should not have eaten after throwing up that pizza because now he felt that his lunch was not going to stay inside him.He noticed Angela smelling the air around her and looking not too happy.He wondered what she would say if she saw a damp patch on his pants where he had sharted.It was not much but it would be obvious to her what he had done.A light breeze blew up and wafted the smell away from them so Angela looked alright again and they walked some more in the garden keeping away from the hungry cat.

Getting back to his car they got in and he opened his window a little as they drove hoping to let any smell be diluted by fresh air.As he drove Sean could hear his belly rumbling but not only his belly was making noises;Angela’s was also playing tunes but she was showing no signs of discomfort so far.As he drove along University Ave Angela gave a gasp of surprise as the sounds of a fart drowned out the music from the cd player and Sean was amazed that it had not come from him as he was struggling to hold in check his rumbling belly.He became aware of a new smell wafting up from the seat beside him and he knew that Angela had farted,which gave him some pleasure to know that she could fart just like anyone else.She was looking very subdued as he looked at her,so he reached over and patted her knee saying that she should not worry about farting as he did not mind at all.She looked at him and said that it was a little bit more than a fart and she felt so embarrassed.Just then he heard her belly gurgle again and another fart sounded loudly from her as she gasped and looked very worried,almost crying now as she told him that she had an accident and she was so sorry.He smiled and told her that she should not worry as he too had had a slight accident earlier in the garden and he was struggling not to have another one right now.

Sean said that as they had both had accidents there was no point in looking for a toilet now and they should just head for her apartment where she could clean up and not feel too bad about it.Perhaps she would allow him to clean up too,and she said that would be fine.Another fifteen minutes and they reached Angela’s apartment,parked and walked carefully into her home.She had a small table with four wooden chairs in her kitchen and Sean pulled out one chair and sat on it,gently pulling her closer and got her to sit on his lap and told her not to worry about her accident as she was still beautiful.She kissed him gratefully and he held her tight and began to tickle her which made her laugh but also lose control and suddenly there was a fart and he felt his lap get warm and wet as she fully pooped her pants giving a little scream.He held her and kissed her back and started to move her on his knee,letting her poop get spread all over her butt as she squirmed.He eased up a little off his seat and now he pushed and totally filled his pants with a massive soft poop that spread all over him right away.He told her that now he had pooped too so she had no reason to worry as they were both messy.He lifted her up and placed her on his seat then he sat gently on her knee and let his warm wet mess spread and wet her lap now.

Angela gasped in surprise and said that she was normally very squeamish and tried to be so clean always,but she felt so naughty doing this that she liked it and wanted to get messy now so would he object if she was naughty.He laughed and said he would love to help her be naughty.He reached behind her and pulled up her blouse out of her pants and opening the buttons at the front he removed it and dropped it on the floor.Now she did the same with his shirt and said to him it was his turn again,so he felt for her bra fastener and slowly took off her bra exposing two marvelous juicy boobs which he caressed and then kissed,licking each nipple with his tongue,making her gasp in pleasure as she moved her butt in his lap.She softly said that she needed to pee and he said she should just go ahead and pee on him,so she peed and flooded her panties and his lap and he loved the feeling.Now it was her turn to remove his clothes so she unzipped his pants and then got off him and pulled his pants off leaving just his messy shorts and he got up and slowly pulled off her pants leaving just her panties as both of then stood filthy in pooped panties.Each reached the other now and began to rub to poop all over their butts and beyond, covering their belly and he loved to spread it all over her gorgeous boobs before hugging her again and feeling them slip over each other.

Kissing her lips he lifted her up and carried her through to her shower where they both got in and under the hot spray they kissed and felt each other’s body as they explores their private parts while they cleaned up,and once they were clean they dried each other kissing all the time.Now Sean lifted Angela once more and carried her to her bed,laying her gently on top of the covers,his mouth kissing her all the time as his hands stroked her and a finger slipped inside her pussy,gently moving until she was gasping for him to fuck her.He climbed on top of her and put his cock inside her pussy,just an inch at first and then pushing it right inside until she moaned happily and then he thrust it all the way deep and fast as she laughed and kissed him hard.Soon they both exploded as he filled her pussy with warm creamy cum just as she enjoyed the most amazing orgasm she had ever had.They lay still hugging tightly with his cock still inside her both enjoying the warm glow that covered them.They fell asleep in each others arms,waking a few hours later with his cock still inside her and both ready to be naughty again,which they did.both cumming again at the same time and as his cock came out they rubbed warm cum over each other never taking their mouths off the other’s lips.

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