Sea Side Wetting

back during the summer when it was really warm, we were walking along our local seafront on the promenade. I like watching the men and women on the beach in various modes of undress. You never know what you might see. Then out of nowhere, I spotted some wet footprints on the concrete in front of me. This can only mean one thing. Someone was wetting themselves while walking along and the piss was leaking from their shoes.
Sure enough, a little ahead of me were 3 young lads laughing and joking with each other. The one with the soggy shoes was wearing a red T-shirt and combat camouflaged trousers. On closer inspection I could just see a wet bum line on the back of these trousers. Now I wanted to look at the front so I walked past them and made up some excuse to turn around. Now I could see the wetness running down this lads leg and a nice wet patch forming at the front. His shoes were still leaking piss. In fact it became more. This guy was still pissing as he was walking along, and no one else seemed to notice. Then the three of them decided to sit down on the promenade with their feet dangling over the side. I stopped to look, and it soon became really obvious that this guy was still pissing a lot. His arse became really wet, and I could see the piss puddle beginning to spread around him. By this time his mates must have noticed because they decided to move away to allow room for the puddle to spread.
Even after they got up and moved away, it was still difficult to see the wetness on his clothes.
This had turned me so much that I had to allow a little piss escape into my underwear and shorts as I continued to walk.
Writing this has turned me on again, and I now find myself in wet jeans, and the piss is spreading quickly over my front. Wow!

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