School with doorless stalls

Well later in school years my school got rid of the stall doors for the jr high and highschool students because of all of the drugs that was going on , 
but that meant for use students that did need to take a steaming load well we had no privacy, 
you had to suck it up and take it like a man, 
I rember my first time useing a stall like that was kind of awkard, it was a break and the bathroom was bussy 4 shiters and a two rows of 4 urinals and a round sink that most ever one pissed in, 
well I walked in to the bathroom and seen that the urnails were quite bussy and looked at the tolites, seen two students there trying to let there loads out, 
I had to sit next to one of them, I stood there waiting to see if one of them would hurry up, but it seemed like they were taking there time like I wanted to, 
So, I sad down to the larger guy, and took my pants off while siting on the bowl so that no one would see my dick eh it was a normal thing for me back then. I started to piss a little in to the bowl and started to push harder and harder, to let most of it out, and then a large fart came blowing out of my ass, the fat guy looked at me, I dont rember what the other guy did, but I knew he whiped fast and flushed and walked out, 
The fat guy looked at me, again while I was waiting for my load to slide, out, he asked me, you ever shit in here before. 
I told him yeah where there was more privacy, 
he told me yeah same here, its not the same with out the doors, 
I told him yeah, 
then made a few farts and I herd a plop, he seemed a bit releaved, but I was still working on my load to get out 
he asked me if I kew this one kid, and I told him yeah its my cussen as it was. (school was quite small)
he was a bit surprised, I kind of laughed, 
He asked me if  any of the storrys my cussen told him about me were true.
I said well some are. but what ones do you mean, 
the kid next to me replied “the ones about shiting”
I said quitely yeah. 
he laughed a bit, and let another few farts out, 
I felt my dick geting hard agest the poclen bowle, 
I was to the point I just wanted to jerk right then and there 
 I statrted to feel my shit sliding out, and I started to push harder and I noticed my neighbor was looking at my ass, I lifted up my rear end so he could get a better view, 
he gave a comment on my big shit. 
I though it was kind of cool, 
he lifted up to let me look at his good work he had a long foot long terd sitting in there, 
I was flabergastged 
we whiped and parted ways, we seen eachoter in the bathrooms a few times, just geting eachother on an end of shit. or with others around, 
I later meat up with him and my cussen over at my cussens place a few times and we went out and had a shit load of fun if you know what i mean 
any ways im super stiff and need to go watch something lol 

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