School Uniform fun

Well, I would have been about 13, yr 8. I hadn’t gone to the loo all day as I didn’t like the school loos at all as they were always filthy. Anyway, as I only drink water I was absolutely bursting when I got off the bus. The bus journey was about 30 mins and then I had to walk all the way home on top of that (about another 15mins)

So, I was walking back home bursting in my school uniform and I knew mum was going to be out when I got back home… so I decided to have a little fun 😉 So I began walking up my hill and decided to relax a little. A good spurt came out )a bit more than I was expecting) and I could feel it soak the front of my boxers and a little trickly down my leg.

I carried on up the hill and let a little more out.. this time is was harder to stop and and I had to stop walking to bring it under control. There was a little puddle on the floor and the legs of my trousers were blackers than the rest, and clinging to my legs a little too.

So up I went and crested the top the hill. I decided to take an unessary detour round the houses a little bit to draw it out. More piss of course came our, enough to really run down my leg and for the front to become noticeably wet.

TBH I had got a little carried away as I was very wet now and was hopign noone would see me!!

As I rounded the corner to my flat I felt could see the coast was clear, and so pushed out a lot of pee to get it over and done with. As I did I felt the need for a poo. It was more than I had bargained for, but i though “oh well…” So I pushed and a huge poo filed my boxers, pushing the back of my trousers out quite a way.

I waddled up to the door trying hard not to walk too wierdly but at the same time not squish all the shit on my ass. I opened up the door an stepped in.

I quickly went to the loo and stepped in the bath… forced out some more pee and poo until i was totally soaked and empty. Then i unzipped my school trousers flies and peeled off the trousers. Then I bagan to wank off through my soaked boxers, feeling the shit bounce against my hole. I blew a good load which added to the wetness of the boxers.

Then I cleaned up and put everything on to wash..

Shame there was no one to share it with then… or now 🙁


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  1. WOW very sweet story wish I could have been there to help you get cleaned up I love wet poopy undies and cleaning up boys that have "ACCIDENTS"

  2. I loved doing this in my pants. I was same age about 12. I loved it when I kept my poop in for as long as I could and slowly let out into my briefs. I liked briefs because at least the poop would not spread onto my legs. I also would sit for a few minutes and was in heaven with the feeling. Loved it

    thanks for you story

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