Scat/Watersports desperation story [FURRY]

Vika’s a character of mine, a 7’1″ tall sergal. This story is a bit older and something I wrote originally for a friend sometime ago.

Again, this is a story with a FURRY CHARACTER. Mentioning that as some people might not be interested in that.

Vika was just finishing up for the night at the facility he lived and worked in, the job wasn’t his favourite though he didn’t mind it too much. Provided free food and a living space at least, with some okay pay.

Vika couldn’t remember the last time he fully used the bathroom, however the nature of the place it kept track of each being who did go, and today was the day he had the opportunity to void the contents of his bowels, and bladder. Sergals like him were shifting over from eating meat and beans every day for the last month to cheese, and spoiled products to see how their bodies coped with that, and to make things worse, laxatives managed to spill into the spoiled milk, too.

The effects didn’t quite kick in for Vika just yet, and at the moment he was just wearing some snug, white jeans which looked as if they wanted to burst at their seams on his plush lower body, though that’s what he prefers wearing. After a few minutes while he was waiting in the area for where members of the building queued to wait their turn for the bathroom, that mess of spoiled dairy was stirring stuff up rather bad in him.

The soft waste was starting to bubble and shift behind the massive clog of a log, making his bowels and stomach groan, prompting him to huff a few times here and there. Shortly after well, his bladder wasn’t happy about his bloated bowels and stomach putting pressure on that taut organ, contracting rather hard to make him even yelp, thighs squeezing pretty firmly together while he sat there.
He clenches his paws sorta on his lap by his groin taking in a few deep breaths to try and calm his overworked systems, though, another wave shifted in his bowels, and all he could really focus on was that count down by his name for one of the bathrooms to open.

Minutes felt like hours to him, though he still somehow managed to keep his cool for the most part, after a good
ten minutes it was his turn to get to use the bathroom, leading to the sergal to pretty much just shuffle walk over to the bathroom. Given the design he didn’t fit all too great in there, though once in the bathroom he sighed.

He realized they were only allowed to take a piss that night, the toilet in the stall was blocked off, and there was just a urinal in there, with a digital gauge that counted how many ml of piss was dumped in the machine. He fumbles some with his belt before he could get his fat sheath free, pointing it at the urinal to let out a stream of heavy, dark urine with a sigh.
All of this was going on while his bowels still churned and groaned away, Vika having to cut his stream at times in hopes to not push too hard and well, make himself turtle head, though a near constant, silent stream of rotten like egg gas was seeping out of him, and that did almost nothing to ease the pressure of the massive load stored away in his bowels.

That counter went up rather quickly, and once the thing hit four litres, without any warning the urinal closed off. Vika got some piss on his footpaws due to that, having to cut his stream off abruptly. ‘At least that’ll ease the pressure a bit.’ He shrugged, thinking to himself. He pulls his pants right up before opening the door to walk out, still groaning under his breath from his bowels mainly at the moment.

Every movement made his bloated organs rub against each other in all the wrong, and right ways, turning him on for reasons he wasn’t sure about. Though at least now he didn’t have to worry about peeing quite bad.

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