Saw a Boy get Desperate and Fill his Pants at the Park!

So this story happened about 3 weeks ago…

There is a smaller park, next to an elementary school about 1.5 miles away from my house. I was walking home and decided to take a short cut through the park, and through another neighborhood to get home faster. So, this is a public park, but it only has 1 Men’s, and 1 Women’s Bathroom that are attached to each other via the same building, which are locked about half the time due to vandalism. Well, as I was walking through the park, I looked over to the bathroom area, and noticed something that caught my attention. Well, to be more specific, caught the attention of something in the front of my Underwear! ;-D

There was a Boy, a teen age boy of about 16-17 from the looks of him standing in front of the Men’s Room door. He was kind of Tanned, and slim, but also kind of beginning to develop Muscles around his body. He was wearing Slightly Baggy, Boot-Cut looking darker Blue Jeans, and a white wife beater. As I got closer, he pulled out a cell phone, and I heard a quick conversation from the cute boy to someone, pleading with them to come and pick him up; “I really gotta use the bathroom, I’m at So-and-So park, PLZ hurry, k!” he hung up the phone, and put it back in his pocket. I walked closer still, and as I was within 50 ft of him, he doubled over and held his stomach with both hands.

As I walked up to him, he began to sob slightly, and said “oh no, oh no, oh no! F***, oh no!” Then, all of a sudden, I heard this loud, Wet, Burbling fart escape him, and I knew INSTANTLY what had happened. He farted again, and this time I saw the back of his pants tent out from the strain of the poo, which was already making a brown spot on the back of his Jeans!

He began to sob, and became very red-faced, as I walked up to him, and said “hay man, hows it goin, you ok..?” He looked at me like a lost puppy, and was like “Man, I just crapped my Pants! My stomach hurts so freakin bad, I think;…” but before he could finish his sentence, he doubled over again, and I heard the loudest, wettest, poop filled fart escape him yet, accompanied by a fairly audible “Uuuunnnnnnnnhhhhh!” This time when he doubled over, his shirt rode up enough for me to be able to make out a New School style, Grey with Black letters Fruit of the Loom waistband, along with what I KNEW to be “PREVIOUSLY”, White Boxer Briefs!

So I told him my name, and he said “I’m Mark” between moans of pain and embarrassed sobs. So I asked him, “Dude, what size are you?” He looked to be fairly close to my waist size, and I tend to carry about 2-3 extra pairs of Hanes/FTL Tighty Whities, size 28-30 in my Laptop bag for just such an occasion! With a very red face, he shyly answered, “i’m 28-30, or a small, anyway”. I was like, DUDE! I got ya covered, follow me! I took him, albeit slowly due to the larger load still in Mark’s White Boxer Briefs, into the long alley adjacent to the Park, and walk him about half-way down the alley before I made us stop, and knelt down to open my laptop bag. He looked in as I opened it, and was like “hang on…” and he got a little more Red.

“I have crapped my pants Twice this week, and peed 3 times. It happens man, I’m 26 and it still happens to me, your what, like 15, v16…?” i asked, and looked at him with a grin as I extracted a pair of FTL Tighty Whities from my bag, and zipped it closed.. “I’m 16, almost 17 actually..” Mark said, as I handed him the neatly folded Briefs. “Dude, I can’t.,..” I cut him off and said, “Don’t worry, I can turn and keep guard, you can clean up with the dirty one’s your wearing, and leave em here, then just put those on until you can do what ever, ya know!” I smiled at Mark, and he took the Briefs from me.

“I guess it’s good I was wearing Boxer Briefs today, huh..” Mark laughed as he spoke, and I smiled and nodded as he unbuttoned, and unzipped his pants, and dropped them to his feet before I could turn around. I couldn’t help but to stare at his blossoming Bulge, and I could tell that pooping himself desperately, DEFINITELY turned him on! So I asked him about it as he smiled at me, and turned red again, seeing me look at his slightly wet crotch. He had peed his pants a little when he pooped, probably couldn’t help it…

“Well, honestly, I have a friend who does it on purpose at school, or at home, quite a bit, and I have tried it now once or twice, but this time…” I cut Mark off again with a smile, and said “it’s different when you don’t plan it, huh.” He wiped back some more tears, and said “Yeah”, and then turned his back to me. I got ROCK HARD instantly! His now Brown/White Tighty Whities were destroyed in the back, and he was feeling to check the damage. I started rubbing myself ever so slightly through my Tighty Whities as he cleaned up as best he could with his own Boxer Briefs, and then slid mine on and pulled his pants back up. “Keep your back pack low on your back to cover the brown spot, ok” I told him, and shot him another smile. He gave me his Cell # and said txt me, ok, and we parted ways, me cumming in my Tighty Whities, and him now WEARING a pair of mine as well! =D

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  1. When I was 19 I got together with a handsome dude,,around 30. Beefy and masculine. We peed our pants and got down to our white briefs which were very wet. I reached around to feel his ample butt and the dude pooped a load the size of a pineapple. I think he wanted to shock me cuse nobody would do that unless it was a setup. He said “sorry man. Really had to go”” well I almost passed out I was so turned on. I said turn around so your butt is at my face level. I was on my knees. He had football player legs and ass. The load was a sidewinder. Huge and firm. I had him take a step back so he backed into my face. It was the hottest experience. He asked if I had to shit which I did and out pumped a pretty big load.
    This was before computers. Around 1975 or 1977. It was not easy to find likeminded people back then. Too. bad. Now at 60 and looking good very masculine and loves roll playing there are too many guys who think anything overv40 is old

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