Saturday night surprise !

Had a big dinner early Sat evening ,did my usual ,video games movies,internet surfing and passed out from a full belly lol ! I woke up in the middle of the night trying to wake my brain up unaware I had the runs in my sleep until I was fully awoke ,I stay totally nude as soon as I enter my room , I am forever running my fingers thru my ass cheeks but this particular time they were fully wet and ass cheeks sliding against each other loving every second of my hot shit filled crack and the nasty thoughts of kink running thru my head . Eventually I started masturbating with legs spread wide open so my odor could spread thru my room and intensify my arousal while playing with myself to which I had a brilliant cummy orgasm mmmmmmmm! Only thing is I can’t finish this story because at this very moment I am still plagued by the runs and ready to get even nastier see ya lol !

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