There is something immensely satisfying about surrendering to wetting yourself. firstly its the naughtiness. As we grow up we are told that we should not pee your pants and should be done in private in a suitable toilet. As we know, that is not always convenient (please excuse the pun). We find ourselves in situations when we are screaming for a piss and we are out in public, out shopping, out walking or whatever. Sometimes we even make this more likely to happen by making sure you drink plenty and put ourselves in places where there are no toilets.
As well as the naughtiness, its the genuine feeling of relief, its the feeling of finally “letting go”, and feeling the wetness spread up , down and around arse, bollocks and cock. Then down the inside of each leg, then from around the bottom of your bum and down the backs of the legs, and now very wet legs as underwear, jeans etc reach saturation point and all is drippy. If you crouch at this point, the arse gets wetter and wetter.
Amazingly, no one seems to notice. So you can be feeling on a high and as randy as hell, with soaking wet pants from pissing yourself, and no one else even cares.
So yesterday i took delivery of some latex boxer shorts and decided to put these to the test. I decided to wear just regular briefs, these latex shorts and jean shorts. An open necked shirt completed the kit.
I went for a walk and after about an hour, i was bursting to piss. So as i walked, i let go a couple of really big squirts of pee. It quickly soaked my briefs and a couple of drips went down my left leg soaking my shorts. I felt this damp spot. i was even able to check with a quick glance downward. Couldn’t see the dampness. So more huge piss spurts, followed by several more as i struggled to regain control. Same thing. Balls and arse were now positively soaked, but still very little showed because of the latex shorts.
Now i decided to sit down and really piss hard. So down i sat on the grass with my legs raised. then the huge relief as most of the pee was emptied into my underwear. It was only when i got up that i realised what i had done. All the piss that had pooled in the back of my latex shorts, ran downward exiting around the bottom rear of each leg. The feeling was amazing and thrilling. I stayed standing in this position for some time, enjoying the feelings. Then off to continue the walk. The incredible thing was that there was so little evidence that i had pissed myself.
I think i may try the same thing tomorrow.
Stay safe, and stay wet.

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