Sarah And Zachary, The People Who Like to Pee

[Note: This is my first story.]

Sarah Turner and Zachary Hill were best friends, in love, if you wanted to be specific, they were both 25 years old and had a mad love for peeing. One day, Sarah said to Zachary “Zachary. I see some bushes. Let’s piss there, naked. ” Zachary agreed.

They walked over to some bushes and stripped off all their clothes, and started urinating in the bushes. “Oooh. Ahhhhh..” they moaned happily. Zachary sounded like a moose, sort of. But then, an edgy-looking teenage dude with a green cap started walking towards the bushes. This teenage dude was called Mikey. Mikey was Sarah’s son. As Mikey reached the bushes…. “AAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!” Zachary screamed in embarrassment. “AAAAAH! A BOY’S SEEN US NAKED!”

“Relax, Zachary! This is just my son!” yelled Sarah, still pissing.
“Oh” said Zachary, much calmer now. “Keep peeing.”

“The fuck?” said Mikey. “What in the hell are you fucking doing with my mom?” he yelled at Zachary.
“Pissing” said Zachary.
“Okay, have fun then.” said Mikey, and then he strode away.

Sarah and Zachary put their clothes back on.”Argh! There’s a big hard log up my asshole, it wanna come out!” shouted Zachary.
“Have your shit and meet me at my house.” said Sarah. She got into her pee-yellow sports car with Mikey, and with a puff of smoke they were off.

Zachary’s poop was long and painful. He kept screaming in pain. “AH!” he pooped in his pants so much he eventually passed out. When he woke up, he was tied down to the ground. A man with long black hair and red eyes was standing over him, with a knife. Zachary’s butt was sticking in the air. His pants were still full of shit. The man grabbed a knife and stuck it into Zachary’s butt. Zachary felt no pain. Because, the knife had hit the squishy poop. Zachary felt the need to wet himself, so he just did, kinda.

Zachary ran back to his house and..
yeah, that’s the end.

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