Sandra at the mall

A couple of days ago I was talking to my friend Sandra who now loves to poop her panties along with her friend Isabelle and was looking for new places to do it.I challenged her to do it at her local mall on Saturday.Yesterday she told me that she had pooped her panties there on Saturday evening and she was so excited to take Isabelle with her to poop there next time.This is her story as she told it to me.

Sandra kept herself busy on Saturday so that she would not have time to worry about what she was going to do later in the day.
She enjoyed eating a big breakfast and lunch and by 5pm she was starting to feel quite desperate to poop.Walking to her bedroom,she chose her clothing for her outing to Galeries de la Capitale mall in Boulevard des Galeries.A pair of tight fitting grey leggings covered her cotton panties,hugging her cute butt and legs closely,with a knee length black skirt and a white sweater on top.Before she left home she enjoyed a nice hot mug of coffee the got in her car and drove to the mall,parking as close to the entrance as she could.She walked smartly into the mall carrying her handbag close to her as she began to think once more how she was going to enjoy being naughty here in a few minutes,

She looked at the clock and saw that it was just after 7pm.Looking round her she noticed that it was not very busy but there were quite a few people all through there and in most of the stores.She felt quite nervous.She went through what I had told her about pooping in a mall and walked to the far end of it,looking leisurely in the store windows as she walked.By now the coffee was beginning to make her feel really close to pooping and also needing to pee,so she was having to concentrate on holding both in. At 7.20 Sandra had reached the far end of the mall and had a wander round the store there,taking her time to look like a happy shopper.She spent some time at the first store before walking back in the direction of the exit at the furthest end of the mall and now she was feeling it harder to hold her poop in but still she was holding.

Reaching the food hall she bought a bowl of sweet and sour chicken with rice and sat eating that for 15 minutes as she went through her instructions for the last time before the big event.After enjoying her snack Sandra rose and started walking again for a short distance until she found a nice clothing store with some attractive dresses and pants in the window.She walked inside and browsed through the displays,feeling her bowels start to complain about being over filled.A slight cramp grabbed her and she stopped to examine a dress as an assistant rushed over to see if she could sell her something.She got rid of the assistant and browsed a little longer,eventually stopping at a display of leggings in the far corner.Taking a good look all round her she saw that there were no staff near her so Sandra relaxed and right away felt a movement within her.

As she stood looking at the lovely leggings and tight pants she was slowly filling her panties.A fairly soft poop was gently slipping out and was not touching her cotton panties.At first just a tiny moist patch right near the hole but getting bigger by the second as she began to gently push and feel the tiny blob grow to a mound sitting at her bum.This felt so good she though as she kept pushing until she felt her panties bulge out as a soft poop about the size of a grapefruit sat in her panties,all warm and so comfortable.She reached behind her to feel it and it felt warm even through her leggings.Now she needed to start walking again before the smell became noticeable in the store.She walked smartly out into the mall again and headed for the exit and her car.She tried not to hurry too much but walk normally and it felt so good as the soft warm mound of poop began to spread with every step she took.Sandra was thankful that Debbie had told her to wear a skirt over her leggings as that hid from sight any stain or bulge that might be there.

By the time she reached the exit she could not help smiling as the slipping and sliding of her mound of poop was exciting her pussy each time it slipped over it.She wanted so much now to start rubbing her poop filled panties and pussy and enjoy that wonderful orgasm that comes with pooping her panties,but she had to wait until she got to her car.Looking all round her,she saw that nobody was paying any attention to her pooped panties because nobody knew what she had done except her.As she walked out into the fresh air she knew that now the breeze would blow away any smells from her panties,so she walked slower enjoying the feeling of soft poop spreading all over her bum.Reaching her car,she got her plastic sheet and towel spread over her seat then closed the door as she took a short walk to put a piece of trash in a nearby bin.It was dark now so as she walked to the trash bin she stopped holding her bladder in check and let a great flood of hot pee rush out into her poopy panties.

Pee was filling her panties with a pool for a second or two and then it started to flow down both her legs turning her grey leggings dark with wetness and a slight brown stain as it washed some of her poop with it.That felt really so exciting as she rushed back to her car and quickly got in her seat,loving the feeling as soft wet poop was now squirted all over her bum and going up at the back and front of her panties.She drove to a secluded spot in the car park and started rubbing her hand outside her leggings,pushing her poop all over and rubbing hard on her pussy.Already excited by the pooping and peeing it took only a few short minutes before Sandra felt a massive orgasm sweep over her like a tsunami of pleasure as she gasped and squirted her love juices into her messy panties.She rested a minute and then drove carefully home,enjoying every bump in the road and every corner that made her slip on her poop.Once at home she took off her sweater which had managed to stay clean,and walked into her shower wearing all her pooped clothing to begin the cleaning with such a smile on her face.Next time she would have to introduce Isabelle to this exciting pleasure.

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  1. god that’s was so horny specially peeing and getting back in car and having her orgasm with the poo a reall cock stander story

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