Sam's unlucky day – part two


He tried not to panic, because he knew that would only make it worse. Still, he felt his bladder throb as though it was trying to escape his body. He couldn’t keep his feet still, yet every time he moved them he felt his bladder pressing up against him.

Knowing he had just over an hour and a half until relief, he tried everything to take his mind off his ever increasing need for a wee. He took out his book, but was so distracted that he couldn’t make sense of what he was reading despite re-reading the same paragraph several times. He checked his watch and it now read 7:43; time seemed to be going slower as it progressed towards the arrival time of 9:00, which promised so much relief.

He put in his headphones and hit shuffle on his iPod, but only managed to get to 8:12 before getting sick of that too. By then he was sweating with the sheer effort of holding in what felt like would be the world’s longest piss, a piss he longed so dearly to have.

He sat and dreamt, dreamt of strolling up to a urinal, unzipping his fly, removing his long, thick uncircumcised cock and just letting go. He felt his member growing inside those slightly-too-tight boxers, with the excitement of the promise of relief.

At 8:37, the realisation hit him. He simply could not wait another 20-odd minutes. He was resigned to this fact, but not resigned to wetting himself. He couldn’t believe he was going to do this, but he was going to have to piss on the floor. To do this, say, drunk at half 3 in the morning is one thing, but before 9am on a commuter train is a very different matter.

Fortunately the carriage was quiet considering it was one of only two. Sam took a few moments to compose himself, and check he was as well concealed as he could be; no-one directly opposite, infront or behind him. Slowly, he unzipped his fly and pulled out his cock. He was terrified of being caught, and as a result although he was the most desperate for a piss he had been in his entire life, he found himself unable to piss.

He waited, and willed and tried himself to have the piss he so desperately needed until finally he heard the footsteps of the conductor and was forced to quickly stuff his cock away again. He was a mix of worry and anger. How could his body let him down like this?

He would have to resort to his last contingency plan – get off the train early and use the station toilet there. He waited what felt like an eternity until the train pulled into some station he didn’t even know the name off, but he grabbed his bag and hobbled off the train in search of the toilet.

On the platform he frantically looked around for the toilet sign, and once he found it he walked as best he could towards it. With relief in sight his need intensified once again. He did not know it was even possible to need a piss this much. He pushed the toilet door, and once again it didn’t move. He lowered his eyes to a sign: “toilet key available from kiosk”.

He didn’t even mutter under his breath this time. As quick as he could he turned and hobble-walked up towards the kiosk. There was one an elderly man talking to the man behind the desk, and Sam joined the queue behind him. He didn’t care what he looked like now; he was bouncing up and down, breathing heavily and holding onto his cock for dear life. It was taking every energy he had just not to release.

He listened in to the conversation between the elderly man and the man behind the kiosk – it sounded now as if they were just chatting! Sam heard himself interrupt their conversation but wasn’t even fully conscious of doing so “Excuse me, sorry, but can I have the toilet key? I can’t wait”. Had he really just said I can’t wait to a stranger? The man behind the counter gave him an uninterested glance. “Just a moment” he said, and disappeared off behind a door.

Although it had probably only been a few seconds, it felt like an eternity to Sam, and he shouted, “Sorry, can you hurry up?” down after the man. He emerged, looking offended. He placed the key behind his glass counter, just out of Sam’s reach. At the sight of the key, Sam’s bladder made its best attempt yet to relax and Sam let out an involuntary moan with the effort needed to keep his pee contained. “You need a £2 deposit for the key” the main barked at Sam.

Sam’s eyes welled up with tears. He didn’t have any money on him. “Please,” he begged “I don’t have any cash”.
“Sorry, you need a £2 deposit” the man repeated.
“Please, I can’t hold it in”
“Well you’ll have to.”

With that, it was over. Sam had thought that if he wet himself it would trickle out over time, but not so. His cock exploded with a torrent of piss at full force, instantly soaking the front of his trousers and running down his left leg. He collapsed into a nearby chair and continued pissing at full force for what was well over two minutes. A huge pool formed at the base of his shoe, and people silently started at him while, to his surprise, he actually breathed a sigh of relief.

Once the feeling of relief was over, the harsh reality of the situation kicked in, and he was forced to make up an excuse for missing his meeting at such short notice (which was not believed, and then travel home on the next train with soaking wet, grey trousers. He would remember to make time for a morning piss tomorrow.


Hope you enjoyed – let me know if you did and I’ll do some more!

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  1. its like one of those dreams that nothing goes right and you finally get to the toilet to piss and you wake up pissing the bed

  2. Awesome story that almost happened to me, although I did wet myself it was also noticed by many my khakis were soaked.

    I just embarrassingly said I had to pee couldn’t hold it!

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