Sam and I Pitch a Tent (Part 1)

After the last time Sam and I had met up I knew we would be meeting again soon. This time we had decided to go camping for the weekend.

Sam arrived at my place around 4:00 on Friday and loaded his things into my trunk. He had a regular overnight bag and a tote filled to the top with diapers, powder, condoms, lube, etc…

He hopped in and we took off. We were both wearing t-shirts and basketball shorts since it was summer after all. After an hour of driving I looked at him.

“I hope you padded yourself before you got into the car,” I said.

“Why don’t you see for yourself?” He replied.

I reached over and felt the front of his basketball shorts. To my surprise he actually wasn’t wearing a diaper and I ended up squeezing his cock, making him hard. “I will have to go potty soon actually,” he glanced at me. I pulled into the next rest stop and had him lay down in the back seat. I popped the trunk and grabbed one of the Abena M4’s he brought. I pulled down his shorts and slid the diaper under him. He was too hard to pull the diaper over.“C’mon Sam, we haven’t even gotten to the campsite yet. We still have another 3 hours of driving.”

“I know but you squeezing me like that really got me going, and I can see the waistband of your diaper peeking over your shorts.”

Apparently my shirt rode up quite a bit when I slid the diaper under him. There were a good 4 inches of waistband showing in the back. I decided to look around the rest area. Aside from one car at the far end of the lot there wasn’t anyone else here. This was surprising for a Friday but since it was supposed to rain a lot this weekend it made sense. I decided to take advantage of the situation.

“You like seeing my diaper poke out above my shorts? Does that make you hard?” I started stroking his cock. He moaned as we made eye contact. “You like it when I stroke you off during your diaper change don’t you? Are you a bad boy that needs to wear diapers because you can’t help but soil your pants? You’re a stinky boy aren’t you? Yes you are, you fill your diapers all the time don’t you? Do you like to use the bathroom in your pants? Do you enjoy filling up the seat of your pants while you stain the front of your diaper yellow?”

He moaned out and came onto his chest and tummy. I wiped him off, powdered him, and taped up the diaper. I made him stand up out of the car before I gave him his shorts. Just as he pulled them up a car with two young women drove past. They both stared at him as they passed us, there was no way they didn’t see his diaper.

We both got into the car and I started to pull away.

“Crap, I forgot to grab the water from my house. Hold on a second while I grab one here.” I parked the car in front of the vending area and walked around to it. As I was inserting my money one of the women came over to me.

“Is that man you’re with wearing a diaper?” She asked with a slight hesitation in her voice.

“Yeah. I can’t believe you saw that. Sorry,” I blushed a little.

“That’s ok. Can I ask you why he wears diapers?” She seemed oddly comfortable talking with me now.

“He has lots of uhm… accidents,” was all I could say.

“Yeah but don’t they have like, pull-ups or something for younger people?” She was interested at this point.

“That’s true, they do, but uhm, those aren’t really made for the kinds of accidents we have. He has. The kinds of accidents he has.” I accidentally let that slip.

“You have? Oh my god are you wearing a diaper too?” Her eyes widened.

“Erm, ahem, yeah.” I lifted my shirt a little and showed her the top of my diaper. She reached towards it and felt the top.

“Wow. That’s a thick diaper! So how big are these accidents that you need this kind of protection?” She took her hands away.

“Well, these diapers aren’t just about absorbing a lot of pee they also offer great protection against ‘other’ accidents,” I was no longer red. She seemed pretty nice and genuinely interested in my choice of underwear.

“Ohhh. Silly me, I didn’t even think about that. Hehe. Makes sense, I guess you’d want a big thick diaper if you’re going to be peeing and pooping yourself all the time.” She giggled.

“Yeah. These ones are really good. So anyways, where are you guys headed?” I tried to change the subject. The way she was talking about my diaper was making me hard.

“We are heading up to Sunshine Woods for a romantic getaway. My girlfriend and I, that is. We are experimenting with some outdoor stuff. She’s really kinky and I’m into trying anything once. What about you? Where are you and your ‘friend’ going?” I could have guessed she was with that other girl.

“That’s Sam. He and I are also experimenting with some outdoors stuff. Believe it or not, we are also heading up to Sunshine Woods.” Her eyes lit up.

“Oh my god really!? We should like, totally hang out together when we’re there!” She was very enthusiastic.

“If you really want to hang out with two guys that wear diapers and poop their pants.” I was being honest. I didn’t want to let hanging out with new people keep Sam and I from enjoying ourselves, as nice as this girl was.

“Oh I don’t mind at all and I’m sure that Kim doesn’t either. We’ll be camping, unpleasant smells happen all the time while camping.” She really wanted to hang out with us it seemed.

“Well if you’re fine with it then I’m sure Sam will be fine with it too. We’ll be in the bright orange tent. Feel free to come on over tomorrow morning if you want. We’ll probably be falling asleep early tonight.” She liked that response.

“Great! It was nice to meet you and I can’t wait!” She told me her name was Corry and started walking away. After a few steps she turned back to me, “Oh, by the way, do you have any extra diapers? I really want to see why you boys like wearing them so much.”

I walked back to the car with her and introduced her to Sam. They exchanged their pleasantries, and I popped the trunk. I gave her two Abena M4’s and as she was walking away she turned back to me and Sam.

“I hope to see you two diaper boys at the camp!” She practically shouted it across the parking lot.

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