Sam and I Overnight

After the last couple times, Sam and I decided to spend the night together. He arrived around 8 and he changed me out of my soaking wet daytime diaper. He was already wearing his favorite, the Dry 24/7’s. As he laid me down I reached over to my nightstand and handed him my glycerin suppositories. He gently inserted 2 into my hole then powdered and taped me up for the night. I was wearing out of my current stash of Tranquility ATN’s. When he finished with me I bent him over and pulled down the back of his diaper, inserting 2 suppositories into his hole as well. We both drank a good helping of water and hung out on the couch for a little bit. I could already feel the suppositories working before we went to bed around 11. He said he was feeling the same. We both knew accidents would be had, and couldn’t wait for morning.

Not too long into my sleep I woke up with a full bladder and, turning onto my back, released a long stream of pee into my diaper, feeling it pool around my balls and butt. When I finished I turned over and tried to fall back asleep but was too excited at the moment to drift away immediately. I reached over to Sam, who was sleeping on his side away from me, and placed my hand at the bottom of his diaper. I could feel that he had wet already and was a little jealous of his ability to pee while he was sleeping. Either that or he woke up before me and managed to get back to sleep. After a few more minutes of groping his diaper I grew sleepy again, still feeling some pressure in my backside. I was hoping I would sleep through my bowel evacuation, waking up in the morning to a completely full diaper.

I woke up again around 7, immediately reaching around to the back of my night time underwear and feeling the seat. Sure enough, I had completely released my bowels into my diaper. I felt the buldge for a few minutes, cupping and squeezing, before I pulled back the covers to check Sam’s diaper. I could smell what had happened in his pants before I even got the blanket off him. My dick was already throbbing and this surely didn’t help. The back of his diaper, from about half way up to down around his crotch, was a dark brown, bloated with his messy accident. I couldn’t resist putting my hand on the seat of his full diaper, pressing his warm load into him, smushing it a little. He was still sleeping as far as I could tell and just as I took my hand off he let out a small fart. I didn’t expect to hear a slight gurgling sound as he let go more poop into the back of his already messy diaper. I immediately placed my hand back on his diaper and felt him filling it up even more.

When he finished messing again he turned over onto his stomach, opening his eyes slightly as he let out a sigh. I heard hissing from the front of his diaper put my hand on it to feel him wetting himself again. I must have wet again while I slept because my diaper was wetter than before and I didn’t have to pee. When he finished peeing again he rolled towards me and placed one leg on top of mine, pressing his overnight briefs into my thigh. I could feel how warm they had become from his recent accident. He reached around and cuddled me, giving my arm just enough room to reach down and grab the seat of his diaper.

I felt his dick getting hard against my thigh and he started slowly grinding his diaper against my leg. I gave him a kiss on the neck as he grinded harder, pressing his rock hard cock against my leg as I felt the back of his messy pants. I was able to look down and see just how full his diaper had become from his morning accidents. The brown and yellow stains reached to the padding just below his waistband, tented from the large size of his evacuation. He continued to grind against me, moaning as he did so. I reached for his hand and moved it to the front of my diaper, where he began squeezing my undies and feeling the accidents I had during the night as well. I lifted my free leg enough for him to reach down and cup the seat of my diaper, feeling how full the back of my pants had become overnight.

He let out another moan as he pressed his diaper into me harder, pulling down the waistband on the front of my undies and taking out my dick. He stroked me as he grinded harder, surely building up to cum soon. He jacked me off while moving his hips back and forth. My hand was still on the back of his diaper, pressing and squeezing his night time accident while he moaned in pleasure. He started breathing heavily as he bucked back in forth across my hips, cumming into the front of his pants. I came a few moments later, Sam cleaning me off with his tongue as I finished.

We laid in bed for a little while longer cuddling and touching each other’s messy night time diapers. After waking up fully we took a shower together and cleaned ourselves off, jacking each other off again in the shower while we talked about being bad boys and pooping our pants during the night.

I had a lot of fun again with Sam and this was quickly becoming something I looked forward to every time we talked.

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