Ruby, Ellie & Me

I had been invited to a party where we were all expected to dress as ladies in long dresses or skirts, preferably flared for the simple reason that access to our underwear would be required on the dance floor by toilet slaves who would change our nappies and clean us up without our having to leave the dance floor. We were advised to wear nappies so that we could relieve ourselves without needing to use the toilet. This greatly appealed to me and under my long pink satin dress I wore a maximum absorbency disposable nappy under a pretty frilled pink satin nappy cover – a large panty with a very wide gusset and lined with PVC to minimise leaks. At the party there were many guests, male and female, all in long dresses or skirts, not forgetting the toilet slaves, most of whom were male, dressed as maids in white satin blouses and very short flared skirts that failed to completely cover their underwear even when they were standing still. These maids were to provide the intimate service that the other guests required as and when their nappies needed changing. I hadn’t emptied my bowels that day so I was expecting at some time to expel the contents of my rectum into my nappy. The invitation had specifically mentioned that the toilet slaves were willing, even eager in some cases, to change really messy nappies. They would also provide an enema service if required. The concept of attending a public event dressed in feminine finery yet able to empty my bodily wastes as and when I felt like it without bothering to use a toilet was very appealing and I joined the throng of swirling satins and frills with anticipation.

My bowel didn’t feel ready to give up its contents so I decided to have an enema to get things moving. I signalled to one of the maids, Ruby by name, and explained what I wanted. She disappeared but returned with a 5 litre container full of enema solution together with a pump and a sizeable hollow butt plug through which the enema would be delivered. I was standing chatting to a friend as Ruby got under my skirts and began her work. First I felt the frilly satin nappy cover being pulled down then the sticky tabs holding the nappy together and in place were removed and I felt the cool air of the room around my genitals and buttocks. I was slightly startled when I felt Ruby’s warm wet probing tongue pushing at my anus and then, after a few minutes of anal stimulation she took my penis into her mouth and started fellating me. My cock grew proud and stiff as a result and a a noticeable tenting of the front of my dress could clearly be seen by those around me when Ruby returned her attentions to my anus. A little lubrication was applied by her finger to both my anus and the butt plug enema nozzle before Ruby gently inserted the latter into the former. It felt good to be stretched and then I felt the pressure in my rectum increase as Ruby pumped me full of the enema solution. The pumping seemed relentless and I had to tell Ruby to stop before I disgraced myself by losing control of my anus. She complied and gently eased the butt plug nozzle out of me with no leakage whatsoever. However, the pressure in my rectum was such that I knew I wouldn’t last long before I had to expel the contents so it was with relief that I felt Ruby’s gentle hands replacing my nappy, ensuring that my cock and balls were comfortably ensconced in the padding of the nappy crotch and that the waterproof outer layer of the nappy was well fitted around the tops of my thighs. She then replaced my nappy pants and I felt I could relax as Ruby emerged from under my skirts. I collected a plate of food and was enjoying it when an uncontrollable urge took over and I felt my anus open as a gush of warm liquid from my arse squirted into the nappy. The feelings were delightful, both the warm mess flooding my nappy and flowing over my buttocks and balls, and the reduction of pressure in my rectum as it expelled its contents. During the next half hour I felt the need for several more rectal expulsions to which I yielded, some liquid, some soft solids and some firm solids well lubricated by what liquid remained inside me. My nappy was becoming noticeably heavier with its load and I knew I’d need changing very soon so I signalled my need for service to one of the maids and explained my need for a nappy change, including the details of the state of my current nappy. The maid said that Ellie, another of the maids, loved changing messy nappies and she would send her over to me. Ellie soon appeared complete with a bucket, a container of clean water, s liquid soap dispenser, several clean towelling cloths and a fresh nappy. I soon discovered that much of the cleaning equipment was surplus to requirements as, to my surprise and delight, Ellie enjoyed using her mouth and tongue to do most of the cleaning, so once again I felt a warm wet tongue caressing my anus and buttocks as Ellie cleaned me up. The well filled and soaked nappy went into the bucket and after Ellie’s oral clean up, she expertly fitted the clean nappy and emphasized that she’d be happy to give me a similar service should I require it later in the evening. I promised that she’d get the job when I needed my next nappy change.

Some of the guests had not come dressed in nappies and for them the maids provided buckets so they could relieve themselves into the buckets, attended by the maids, as and when their needs arose. Linda, the TV with whom I’d struck up a conversation was one of the non-nappy-wearers and as Ellie was cleaning me up, my previous maid, Ruby, was providing a bucket for Linda who noisily emptied both his bladder and his rectum into the metal bucket which Ruby took under his skirts. Apart from the sounds of liquid splashing into the bucket and solids falling into it, Linda expelled some very noisy liquid farts with obvious relish as she emptied her bowels. She told me that she’d never before experienced a tongue probing her anus and what a delight it was. I told her of my boyfriend who loves applying his mouth and tongue to all my most intimate bits and how much I enjoy his services and company. There was plenty to eat and drink and as I wasn’t driving home, I had plenty of liquid refreshment, most of which ended up in my nappy after passing through my kidneys. So I used Ellie’s services again before the end of the evening and went to bed that night in a nice clean soft absorbent nappy which felt so good around my cock, balls and arse. A delightful party all round.

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  2. Would love to do this Benjamin, really into group dumping. Also have someone shit in my pants all over my cock, then jack myself off.

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