Road trip bathroom

While my friends and I were on a 2 week road trip, o did not go to the bathroom for an entire week. When we got to a rest stop, I would just wait in the car. Finally, after a week of not pooping, I really needed to take a dump. I sat down and peed, then released the biggest fart ever. My friends in the other stalls all giggled. One of them finished and came in to watch me. I then had the biggest poo ever! It felt so nice to get what I thought was all of it out. After that, I went to watch my friends. Later in the car, I needed to poo again, and my friends were teasing me. After another hour, I pulled over, we all got out, and ventured into the woods. I gathered my friends and we all relieved ourselves. I forgot to bring toilet paper so I had to use leaves. The next week, we stoped at a rest stop and I needed to poo again, so I went poo and later in the car, I had to pee and some of my friends did too. My 2 other friends who had to go pee both decided to let it out in their pants and it was so funny! The next day, a different friend had to take a poo, so she also went in her pants! We still laugh about that today.

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