Right Fit filling

I drank a cup of my weird tea and two pieces of leftover pizza for breakfast, just to prime the bowels.

I smoked a little bowl as I began to get desperate, sitting in my Right Fits. I had to buy them at the local family pharmacy, so I got Men’s to avoid some embarrassment at the check out.

I stood looking in my large mirror and turned on the shower (the sound helps me go/hides any grunts and moaning). I pushed just a little and watched as a medium sized lump of poo fell into my diaper.

I got into the shower, as I could feel more inside me and worried it might overflow. When I was behind the curtains, I let the rest out and it rolled against my asshole in a soft, mushy pile, filling the remaining area in the bottom of the diaper.

I knew immediately there was still more and thought “How will this all fit?” It was a sensation I didn’t know before. It just came out on it’s own. The consistency was so soft it pushed out over my ass entirely and down towards my pussy. I tried to hold my legs together to keep it to the back, but it didn’t work.

My diaper was heavy and hung low with poop. Filled. It was so, so soft and mushy. I pushed it though the diaper into my ass crack and pressed it against the shower wall all over my butt while masturbating.

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