Revenge is a Bottle Best Served Warm: Chapter 2

Katy shows James his new room and lays down the rules. James almost immediately starts breaking them.


Katy took James’ mitt-covered hand and helped him off the bed. “I think now’s the perfect time to show you to your nursery!” She said with a smile and lead him upstairs and out of the basement. The boy, still trying to wrap his head around what was happening to him, reluctantly followed the blonde, his newly adorn diaper making the most obvious and obnoxious crinkling sounds as he waddled behind her. They left the basement and went down a hallway that James was somewhat familiar with. The two stopped in front of a door that he’d never opened before – he just assumed it was a guest room or a storage room or something, he never had a reason to look in it before.

She grabbed the door handle with her free hand and slowly twisted the knob, “Without further ado…” She said, sounding excited, “Your new nursery!” She opened the door and stepped inside the room with the diaper-clad Aussie.

James took a good, long look at this new room he had never seen before. The walls were covered in a wallpaper that was reminiscent of the wallpaper in Andy’s room in Toy Story – sky blue with a repeated white fluffy cloud pattern. The floor was an off-white, plush soft rug texture that probably wouldn’t be smart to put in an actual infant’s nursery in case of stains, but it sure did feel nice on the skin.

Right across from the two was a large wood crib with a very soft looking light blue blanket and a white fluffy pillow inside. Also inside the crib were a few miscellaneous baby toys – a teddy bear, a rattle and a set of plastic keys, as well as a crib soother hanging on the rail of the crib that looked like an aquarium with cartoonish looking sea creatures inside. Hanging above the crib was a mobile that had soft planets, stars and a rocketship. In the corner of the room nearest to the crib was a rocking chair and a bookcase full of bedtime stories and baby books.

On one side of the room stood an adult-sized changing table, with cabinets underneath the changing pad that James assumed held the nappies and changing supplies, and a trash bin next to it. Not far from the table was a door that stood slightly ajar and appeared to be a closet. On the other side of the room was a big toy box filled to the brim with countless stuffed animals and plastic toys that probably made loud obnoxious noises or music. Next to the toy box was a play kitchen set complete with fake food, little plastic pots and pans and dishes and cutlery.

“So… What do you think?” Katy asked and looked at James with a smile. “Do you like it?”

James felt like he was going to pass out. This was all so much to take in… He had no idea they even made baby furniture in adult sizes. Where did Katy even get this stuff? Did she build it herself or is there some underground adult baby market he never heard of before? And how much did all of this cost her? It had to be a fortune.

As his head was swimming in all kinds of thoughts, he started to absentmindedly chew on the rubber nipple on his dummy gag. He had a nervous habit of chewing on things, usually his nails or a pencil if one was near. But seeing as chewing his nails wasn’t an option, the paci had to do. He soon nodded in response to Katy’s question, making her smile gleefully.

“Oh, good! I’m glad you like it,” She said. “Because this is where you’re going to be spending a loooot of your time from now on. Between here, the kitchen and the bathroom, you’re never leaving this house unless I’m taking you somewhere with me.” Her smile became devious. “And don’t get your hopes up about the bathroom – you’re only allowed in there for bath time or in case you get sick,” she added. “No potty privileges for you.”

These words made James’ heart sink. She really wasn’t kidding about this whole punishment thing, was she? She really intended on keeping him here and babying and humiliating him.

“While we’re on the subject, let’s talk about rules, shall we?” Katy said and lead James over to the rocking chair, sitting down in it and having the boy sit on her lap.

“Rule number one – this one’s obvious. Whatever Mommy says, goes. You will wear whatever I pick out for you, eat whatever I give you, and do whatever I tell you to do. You will always call me Mommy or Mama. No ifs, ands or buts about it. You will not backtalk, hit, kick or bite me. You’ll get one warning to fix your attitude before I put you over my knee.

“Rule number two – as I just said with the no potty privilege – no big boy activities. That means no swearing, no using the toilet, no using any silverware when we eat, no dressing or changing or washing yourself, and absolutely no touching yourself.

“Which leads me into rule number three – if you need to cum, it’s Mommy’s responsibility to make it happen, not yours. If I change any sticky diapers that I didn’t cause, you’re going over my lap immediately.

“And rule number four – you will use your diapers. You will use them for number one and number two and you will let me change you or you will get punished while still wearing your dirty diaper, or get a terrible diaper rash.

“And I think that covers it. Any questions?” Katy asked.

James had quite a few questions to say the least. But not only was he afraid to say anything, he physically couldn’t because of the gag in his mouth. Katy took notice of that and undid the gag, a string of drool following the dummy teat as it was removed from his mouth.

“Sorry about that, Mommy forgot you couldn’t talk with that in your mouth!” Katy said and went to wipe the drool from James’ face, only for him bat her hand away with his mitt in sudden anger.

“You can’t fucking expect me to just go along with this!” James said, his face red in embarrassment and anger. “This is madness Katelyn! You’re fucking mental!”

He tried to escape from Katy’s lap only for him to get caught in an impossibly tight grip he had never felt from her before. He wriggled and tried to break free but was forced into submission and strewn across the blonde’s lap, face down.

“What did I just FUCKING say?” Katy growled in James’ ear as she held him down on her lap. He trembled and tried to weakly scramble out from under her grip, but it was hopeless. She tugged his diaper down and exposed his plump, chubby ass. “And after I just explained the rules to you, no less…” She said. “What a rotten little brat you are.”

The ensuing spanking was a pain that James had never experienced before. The first few swats hurt like hell, then it just felt worse and worse the more swift spanks were delivered to his stinging ass. He tried not to, but by the 5th swat, he started sobbing. The longer the spanking went on for, his cries turned into wails of pain and pleads to stop.

“I-I-I’m sor-rry! I’m – ah! I’m s-sorry! P-please Ka-aty! S-stop i-i-it!” He gasped out between cries.

“Please, what?” Katy asked, delivering another painful swat to James’ red bum.

“P-p-please, M-Mummy-y!” He wailed and shuddered pathetically. “I-I’ll be a-a g-good – ahh! A good b-boy! Pl-please, I’m s-so sorry M-Mummy!”

By then, Katy had gotten to the 15th swat and decided the boy had had enough. She pulled his nappy back up over his sore bottom and sat him upright on her lap, and it was clear to see that James was far from done with crying. His face was red and his cheeks were tear streaked and snot dribbled from his nose – it was quite a pitiful sight indeed.

While Katy was satisfied with the punishment she dealt, she also felt bad for making the man cry so hard. She saw how red his ass was, but she still had no idea just how painful the punishment she inflicted on him was. Plus, all pettiness aside, he was her baby now and Mommies shouldn’t punish their babies without comforting them as well. She gently but firmly pulled the sobbing boy into a hug as she slowly rocked the rocking chair back and forth.

“Shhh, there there sweetheart…” Katy whispered into James’ ear and used one hand to gently rub his back and the other to caress his curly brown hair. “Mommy’s got you… I’m sorry I made you cry so much, baby. I want this to be an enjoyable experience for both of us, but you need to learn your lesson. Mommy means business and you can’t defy her or you’ll get punished, those are the rules. I know you can be a good boy if you try, so please try for Mommy, okay?”

James cried and sniveled into the woman’s shoulder, tears and snot soaking into her shirt as he whimpered at the pain his tush was in. But soon the rocking, the whispering and the gentle loving touching made his sons die down into only tiny soft sniffles. His ass still hurt a lot, but he felt a little better emotionally. The boy looked up at Katy, his face a mess of tears and snot. He felt so small and helpless in this position. He sniffled again and nodded slightly, reluctant to go along with this cruel and unusual punishment.

Katy smiled a bit and grabbed a tissue, cleaning up the Aussie’s wet face, “Good. There’s a good boy.” She planted a kiss on the tip of the boy’s nose and pulled him into another, tight hug. “Mommy loves you, baby Jimmy.”

James blinked and sighed softly, slowly returning the hug and resting his face in the crook of Katy’s neck. “I love you too… M-Mummy.”

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