Revenge is a Bottle Best Served Warm: Chapter 1

Katy is distraught when her ex boyfriend James leaves her for his ex girlfriend who he was still seeing behind Katy’s back.
She decides that if he’s going to act like a child, he’ll be treated like one too.

The feeling of tightness and restraint caused James to finally awaken from his induced slumber. As he opened his eyes, he saw pitch black nothingness and that was about it. He couldn’t really even make out what was in front of him or get any idea of where he possibly could have been. The restrained feeling was confirmed when he attempted to move his hands to rub the drowsiness from his eyes, only to find that he couldn’t move them. They were tied to something – it felt like cold poles, probably the headboard of a metal bed frame. This started a sinking feeling in his chest as he knew his bed frame wasn’t metal – this wasn’t his bed. This wasn’t his house. Where he hell was he?

“H-hello..? An- Anyone here?” The Aussie boy called out sheepishly, not knowing if he actually wanted to hear an answer back. This was an incredibly unsettling setting and he just wanted to get out of here and go home. ‘Who would want to kidnap me?’ He thought to himself, and started mentally going through a list of people he knew. He didn’t have any enemies that he knew of, or none that came to mind anyway. It was a totally real possibility that maybe it was someone he met at the club the previous night. He shuddered at the thought of someone drugging his drink and then bringing him home to do… who knows what with him.

“Helloooo!” He cried out, beginning to panic. “Can anyone hear me?” He squirmed on the bed only to find out after he began to move his lower body that he… must have pissed himself. His pants were very much wet and there was a freezing puddle of urine underneath him. He groaned softly at the realization and tried to keep himself still after that as to not slosh around in his now cold urine.

Just then, the sound of door creaking as it was swung open was heard and some light shown in from the top of a stair case. In the door frame stood a shadowed figure that James couldn’t make out at first. The figure felt around for the light switch and flipped it on, and then it became very clear who it was.

“Katy!” James said in mixed surprise and relief. “Thank god you’re here! Help me please, I can’t move!”

“Ah, I see you’re awake now,” Katy spoke as she made her way down the stairs. It was now clear that the place that James was trapped in was a basement, with cement walls and floor and no windows in sight. The wood stairs creaked softly as the blonde woman went down them. “I was beginning to think you’d never wake up, sleepyhead.”

“Huh?” James asked. “Katy, please, help me get out of these restraints!” He whined and tugged a bit trying to free his hands. “They’re so tight… they’re hurting my wrists.” Then, a light bulb finally went off in James’ mind. “Y… You put me down here, didn’t you?” He asked wearily.

“Took you long enough…” Katy said with a giggle as she reached the bottom stair and went over to the restrained boy on the bed. She looked him over and saw his very damp pants. “Oh dear, did you have an accident while you were sleeping?” She asked in a voice that you’d expect to hear from someone talking to a very young child. “Oh, you poor little thing. Can’t control your bladder, huh?” James felt his face grow hot as he wriggled a little on the bed uncomfortably.

“K-Katy…” He whined. “P-please let me go home…” It was all beginning to make sense now that he knew who his captor was. “I-I know our break-up was messy and you have every right to be mad at me, a-and you can hate me for the rest of your life if you want to… J-just please don’t hurt me…” He trembled and his eyes began to water in fear. “D-don’t do something you won’t be able to take back, p-please…”

The woman stared down at the sniveling, trembling man tied to her guest room bed. The visual of this scared, defenseless and bound-up boy made a smile come across her lips. It was a sight to behold, given that he was taller and heavier than her yet he seemed so afraid of her and was completely at her mercy.

“Aww, just look at you… You seem so scared.” She said softly and brought her hand to his face, gently stroking his cheek. If this were in any other situation, this action would have soothed James. But in this context, it was downright frightening. What was she getting at here? “Poor baby… It’s alright, I won’t hurt you… unless you give me a reason to.” James felt his blood run cold as a tear run down his cheek, Katy wiping it away with her thumb. “Shh, don’t cry love. Everything will be okay, just let me explain…”

Katy took a seat on the bed, sitting next to James and placing a towel down to avoid the cold piss puddle on the bed. “You’re right, this is about our break-up… You really hurt me, James. You took everything we had built up together throughout our relationship and destroyed it, all over your skank of an ex you can’t seem to get over.” She closed her eyes and mentally relived the whole argument, remembering how much it hurt when she heard James utter the words ‘I still love her’ and finding all of the texts he had sent the other girl. She opened her eyes and sighed. “You and I had so many plans together. We were going to get a house together, get married… have a baby, even. Remember that conversation?” She asked.

James nodded a bit, admittedly only vaguely remembering it. “Y-yeah, I do.”

The smile returned to Katy’s face. “Well, I know one thing- I’m getting that baby one way or another.” Those words sent shivers down James’ spine and made his heart beat rapidly in fear.

“P-please! Katy, don’t do this!” James cried out and trembled.

“Shhhhh… It’s not what you think, relax,” Katy said and brought her hand to his brunet hair and ran her fingers through it. “I wouldn’t dream of that… I dream of a more… unconventional way, let’s put it.” James went from terrified to mainly confused as he looked up at his ex girlfriend. “James… you’re going to be my baby. I figure, since you already act so immaturely and like a child, I might as well treat you like one. I find that to be a pretty fitting punishment for your behavior, wouldn’t you agree?” She asked in a sweet but condescending voice.

“N-no!” James said and struggled to break free from his restraints. “No, I’m not letting you force your sick fetish on me!” He tugged as hard as he could and tried to release himself.

“Aww, how cute,” Katy smiled and giggled, getting up from the bed. “Thinking you can get out of your restraints… I made them extra tight for a reason, silly boy.”

“Let me go, Katelyn!” James shouted and thrashed about on the bed, no longer caring about his freezing wet pants. “Let me go NOW!”

“Now, is that any way to talk to your mommy?” Katy asked with a devious smirk on her face.

“FUCK YOU!” James yelled and continued to attempt to escape his bondage. “I am not calling you that! Go to hell!”

Katy shook her head in disappointment. “Tsk tsk tsk, such foul language for such a little boy. I know I certainly didn’t teach you that. I know just the trick…” She went over to a bedside table and opened a drawer, pulling something out that James couldn’t see because he was too busy yelling and carrying on. She went back next to the yelling Aussie and quickly maneuvered a gag into his mouth to get him to be quiet. James yelled in surprise and coughed and gagged a bit as it was fastened behind his head. He moved his tongue in an attempt to move the gag and he found that what he felt in his mouth was a rubber teat, like one you would find on a pacifier.

Katy smiled at her work. “There we go, hopefully no more yelling and swearing now. Act up anymore and I’ll have to spank you, understand?” She asked. “Nod if you do.”

James glared at her but slowly nodded. ‘Fine, but I’m not sucking on this stupid dummy gag…’ He thought.

“Good. Hopefully you’ll be a good boy for mommy while she gets you cleaned up now.” She smiled and left James’ side for a moment, returning with some items that made his heart drop. In her hands she held a thick, puffy diaper, a pack of wipes, a bottle of diaper cream and a canister of baby powder. The boy’s face went hot again as he slowly started to realize that Katy was pulling out all the stops on this whole babying thing.

Katy started to tug down James’ soaked pants and underwear, and James turned away to avoid having to watch the embarrassing act. She got the soiled articles of clothing removed and carefully placed the open diaper underneath his bottom. She then took some wet wipes and gently cleaned up his privates and bum and spread some cream over the area, making sure to pay extra attention to his little 4 inch cock and giving it a few strokes. James blushed furiously and shut his eyes, very embarrassed that this was beginning to turn him on. ‘This is so wrong…’ He thought and tried to ignore his dick twitching slightly. ‘Just ignore it. Don’t think about it…’

Katy smirked a little as she noticed he was beginning to become aroused. “Aww. Baby likes having his little cock played with, doesn’t he?” She purred, making the boy whimper softly in embarrassment. “Well, that’s all you’re getting for now. Maybe if you stay a good boy for a while, mommy’ll play with it some more.” She took the baby powder and sprinkled some over his diaper area and then securely taped the diaper to his waist. She put a hand on his crinkly padded crotch and smiled, “There we go… Wow, your first diaper change. One of many more to come.” She giggled.

James felt his heart sink with dread at the thought of actually having to use a nappy… and then letting his ex change him, of all people. Maybe if he just went along with this, he’ll be let go before he even has a chance to soil himself.

The blonde looked her ex boyfriend turned baby over, smiling and admiring just how cute he looked. “You look adorable, darling… But you know what would look even more cute on you?” She dug into the table drawer again and pulled out what appeared to be a pair of leather mitts. James didn’t even fight it this time, seeing as he had no other option, and allowed her to put the mitts on over his hands and tighten them before untying his restrains from the bed. “There we go…” She said and smiled, helping the boy sit up on the bed. “Awww, look at you… You already look like such a cute baby, Jimmy.”

James cringed at the use of his nickname. She used to call him Jimmy all the time, but in this setting it just felt dirty hearing it. Katy placed her hand on his cheek again, holding his face and looking into his big, brown eyes with a look of love that was almost soothing to him. “You and I are going to have so much fun, baby boy…” She said softly. James gulped softly and shivered at the thoughts of what was surely to come.

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