Revenge (Fiction)

Sorry if there are spelling mistakes in this story, I don’t speak English. Enjoy 🙂

Hello, My name is Alex and I am 19 years old, today I will tell you the story of the time that my boyfriend cheated on me with another boy and how I took revenge on him, but without knowing it, revenge would make me discover the little secret of my boyfriend.
When I entered high school I already knew that I was gay, but I had never had a boyfriend before, two years before leaving high school, a new boy came to high school, white, dark brown hair, hazel eyes, perfect smile, huge ass , a football player, he was the perfect boy for anyone, his name was Anthony and at that time we were both sixteen years old, at first I did not know him very well, since we were very different in high school, but eventually we had to do an assignment together for history class. After getting together to work and talking a little, we became somewhat close, almost every day I would go to his house to play video games or he would go to my house to hang out, we were just 2 boys who had fun from time to time, but without Knowing it, I was falling in love with Anthony. A year before we graduated, Anthony confessed to me that he liked me and asked me out, in the end he became my boyfriend, we both loved each other and we used to have dates very often, whether it was to dinner, to the movies or we just stayed at home to have sex. After graduating from high school, we were still dating and we were still just as close, we both entered the same university, however, as the months went by we began to distance ourselves, we had different schedules which only distanced us even more.
Sometimes I tried to ask him out to spend time together, but he refused, he always told me that he was busy at university or that he would go to the movies with his old friends from the football team, it was annoying that he ignored me, however, I was in love with him so I let those bad moments pass. One day, I decided to do something to change the situation of our relationship, I knew that Anthony did not have classes that day, so I decided to skip my classes that day to go to Anthony’s house and spend time together, play video games, cook the dinner, have sex all night. When I got to Anthony’s house I called him by his name but no one answered, I went up to his room on the second floor and I definitely did not expect to find myself in a situation like that ever, Anthony was almost naked in his bed kissing another boy, really It hurt me to see my boyfriend with another boy, when Anthony noticed my presence he tried to explain what was happening, but there was nothing to say, I left his house while he tried to stop me, but it was useless. That night, after crying for hours, I knew that this could not stay like this, I tried to explain the situation I saw that morning, but it was stupid to try to explain something that was obvious, I knew that I had to take revenge for breaking up my heart, and I knew exactly how to do it.
I had never told Anthony anything about my little secret, from my youth to this day I have always liked to look at the huge asses of the boys and imagine those guys desperate to shit, I like to imagine their huge asses losing control, releasing huge, creamy diarrhea into his tight pants. I have had similar experiences in the past with some guys who have had diarrhea. Ever since I met Anthony, I always imagined his huge ass releasing huge diarrhea. I want to see Anthony desperate to shit, I want to see that huge ass lose control as he tries to contain massive diarrhea.

The next morning, Anthony tried to talk to me about what happened the day before, but I ignored him, decided that I should ignore him for a couple of days before finally starting my revenge plan. 3 days later I finally agreed to talk to Anthony, he immediately apologized for what happened, and the moment Anthony told me that he would do anything to earn my forgiveness, that was the moment my plan for revenge began. I told Anthony that I would accept his apology but on one condition, I asked him to come to my house for dinner that night, he agreed but… he had no idea what would happen that night.
For dinner I made Anthony’s favorite food and added several spices so that he wouldn’t notice the special ingredient in his food, a slow-acting but powerful liquid laxative. The plan was in motion, in a matter of hours I would finally see my boyfriend’s butt releasing massive, uncontrolled diarrhea. When Anthony got home, I invited him in and we started having dinner. When Anthony walked into my house I noticed that he was bringing a backpack, I guess Anthony was planning to do something after dinner.
Dinner went smoothly, we both talked about trivial things about college, like exams or boring classes, but I was not paying attention to our conversation, I was just watching Anthony completely finishing his meal, full of laxatives. A few minutes later, we had both finished dinner, it was time to move on to the next phase of the plan, the “sex game.”
Alex: You said you would do anything to make me forgive you, right? Well, since apparently I haven’t pleased you enough these last few days…
Anthony: Baby please, I don’t want us to argue anymore, I’ll do whatever it takes to earn your forgiveness and…
Alex: Let me finish talking, since I haven’t been pleasing you enough lately, it’s time we fix that problem, I want us to play a game, a game where we both win… a sex game.
Anthony: A sex game, I like it.
We both went up to my room
Alex: I haven’t pleased you enough, and you haven’t pleased me enough either, so here’s what’s going to happen, you’ll sit naked in that chair, and I’ll tie you to the chair while I… heat up my second dinner. You will not be able to touch or kiss me, you will only be able to look at me while I undress and grope myself.
Anthony: It’s not fair, I want to touch you and kiss you.
Alex: Don’t worry, after doing this, you will get your prize.
Anthony: Okay, you will please me in an exciting way, but what will I do to please you? Do you want a second round after I fuck you?
Alex: Don’t worry, then you can please me.
Anthony I do not suspect anything, it is very easy to convince him to do something sexual, everything is in my favor at the moment, but I know that the laxative will take effect very soon so I start with the final phase of the plan. I play music at low volume on my phone, and as I tie it to the chair I can hear a gurgling coming from Anthony’s stomach, however, I pretend not to notice, at this point he will already have a small feeling of wanting to go to the bathroom, but Anthony ignore it. I start by taking off my shirt in a slow and sensual way showing my body marked to excite him, I show the muscles of my arms and run my hands over my abdomen, I can see that Anthony already has an erection, As I undress I can hear Anthony farting little trying to cover it up with the noise of the low music, I pretend not to notice, I slowly lower my pants and show a bit of my butt, but I turn them back up after a while. While I undress, Anthony says dirty things to me while looking at me with lust and desire, however I notice how his behavior is slowly changing, now I can hear more clearly how his stomach gurgles a little louder than before, I keep pretending that I don’t notice of what is happening to him but the truth is that I already have a big erection in my pants, after a while I notice that he no longer farts, so I deduce that he is already aware of his situation, finally I put my pants down and move my butt still wearing underwear in a provocative way close to his penis, I see Anthony’s face and I notice that he has started to sweat, he makes strange gestures and I hear his stomach gurgling again, I am sure that the slight sensation that Anthony had of shitting before His undressing has turned into an intense stomach ache. I was about to pull off my underwear to start slowly jerking off as part of the plan to please Anthony when he finally spoke.
Anthony: Hey love, you have already achieved your goal of turning me on, I’m ready to fuck you – while he talks, I notice how his voice has changed a little, his stomach is still gurgling – untie me, I’m going to go to the dining room for my backpack and to the downstairs bathroom to prepare.
Alex: Don’t worry, I still want to teach you a thing or two before we fuck.
I can see how his mood has completely changed, he is no longer as happy as he was before entering my room, he has a worried look and I doubt that he is sweating with excitement to see me naked. Anthony didn’t notice it, but while I was tying him to the chair I turned on a camera behind the chair, which is pointing directly at his butt, I tied him in a raised position so that his buttocks are open for the camera, which has been recording all this time, the little farts and her anus contracting to avoid shitting on the chair. I know Anthony is gathering the courage to tell me the truth, and I know he will soon, considering the sweat on his face and the gurgling in his stomach.
Anthony: Honey, I’m really fine like this, untie me so I can go to the downstairs bathroom, I want to find something in my backpack.
Alex: Are you okay? You seem somewhat uncomfortable. Still hungry, want some more food? I think you did not have enough dinner – I say with a smile.
I can see how Anthony’s face contracts, he will shit very soon, his stomach gurgling loudly at that moment.
Anthony: NO, I’m fine, I just want to say… I must go to the bathroom before continuing with this, I don’t feel very well – his stomach gurgling violently again, it’s impossible not to hear him.
Alex: Are you feeling okay, do you want to pee? – I say playing dumb as I am aware of his situation, but I want him to tell me, I want him to explicitly tell me that he has a huge stomach ache, I want him to beg me to untie him from the chair .
Anthony: I just have to go to the bathroom for a moment, I have to go to… – he couldn’t finish that sentence, his stomach gurgling violently from him again, Anthony groaned as his sweaty face contracted.
Anthony: Please, I’m not feeling very well, I think I’m sick because my stomach hurts a lot, I want to go to the bathroom.
Alex: You’re right, I’ve already pleased you enough tonight, it’s time for you to please me now – I say with a small smile, Anthony looks at me but he doesn’t understand what I mean.
Anthony: What do you mean, please untie me, my stomach hurts a lot, I have to go.
At this moment, I cover his eyes with a shirt, this makes it more exciting, then I turn on the video camera of my phone and place it to record the rest of his body, which is not captured by the camera that records his huge ass, which is about to explode… Anthony shifts uncomfortably in the chair and asks me why did I cover his eyes with my shirt? But I ignore him. I pull my underwear down and start to jerk off to Anthony’s desperation to shit.
Alex: Beg me … beg me to untie you, tell me why do you want to go to the bathroom
Anthony: You did this to me, right? Let go of me, what the hell did you do to me? Why are you doing this? -At this point his ass is ready to explode and release all his creamy diarrhea, Anthony is desperate, I know he is very close to losing control of his ass.
Alex: Revenge, it’s time for you to pay for what you did to me, now you have to please me, come on, beg me to release you from that chair – I tell him while I masturbate, I pass one of my hands on his ass, he releases a groaning in despair, I’d like to play with Anthony’s anus, but I don’t because I know it will make him lose control, his stomach gurgling one last time, and what happens next makes me cum.
Anthony could not resist anymore, he lost control, he simply stopped moving from the chair and with a slight moan said: OH NO!! I could clearly see how his anus opened completely, and let out a huge cataract of a creamy liquid diarrhea, his face contracted, his anus released huge jets of diarrhea, one after another, at times he released huge explosive farts, the torrent of diarrhea It lasted about 15 seconds in a row, Anthony let out the diarrhea of his life, which was not over yet, after releasing all the creamy diarrhea, Anthony began to moan again, Anthony’s dirty anus was reopened to release two huge chunks of poop, and unlike the runny diarrhea that spread across the floor, those two logs didn’t fall to the ground as they were crushed out of Anthony’s huge ass on the chair. He was definitely finished, Anthony was still moaning from the pressure of having held all that poop inside him. When I finally stopped seeing his ass I walked in front of him, I realized that Anthony had ejaculated while he was shitting himself, an idea goes through my mind, but it is impossible that Anthony has the same fetish as me, is not it possible, right ?, I remove the shirt from his eyes, and he looks at me for the first time since I covered his eyes with the shirt before shitting, he looks at me and I cannot decipher his look, he looks scared, embarrassed and excited at the same time, before I can say anything, he speaks first.
Anthony: I’m sorry, I told you that I didn’t feel well, but I already have an idea of what made me sick – he says with a small smile.
I don’t say anything, I just untie him from the chair, I sit on his legs and kiss him like never before, while we kiss, I lower a hand to caress his ass, but he stops me.
Anthony: You are a charming naughty, I love you, I can’t believe you did this to me, I hope you liked it.
Alex: You have no idea, this little ass – I say while squeezing Anthony’s ass, running a finger through his dirty anus – is only mine, okay, only mine, if someone else touches you again, they will suffer the consequences.
Anthony: I can already get an idea of your revenge, let’s go to bed, I want my prize.
Before going to bed, I turn off the video camera on my phone and the camera that was behind the chair, Anthony sees the cameras and looks at me with a smile and slaps me. We spent the rest of the night in my bed having the best sex of our lives, we put aside the mess of diarrhea on the floor and enjoyed the moment, several hours after fucking, Anthony’s stomach gurgled again and we both smiled It would be a long and fantastic night. I found what I was looking for to solve the problems of our relationship, which is now stronger than ever.
Everything returned to normal in the following days, however, things would be better from now on, it is exciting to see the popular college boys having an embarrassing bout of diarrhea in class, but those are stories for another day.
Hello, do you have stories about Boys having diarrhea at school? Please send me a message.

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  1. Wow that was the most hottest thing i’ve read It

  2. Nice story.

    Revenge seems like a good idea at the time but sometimes the outcome doesn’t work out quite how you expect.

    When I was about 16, I decided to get revenge on a friend’s sister. At the time she had a horrible personality and was always belittling people, which she thoroughly enjoyed. She was also very attractive and knew it. One day after receiving a dose of her “wonderful” personality I decided to get revenge on her. I didn’t know how until I was in their bathroom and noticed a box containing tablets. I knew what they were but had no idea how many to use. Without even reading the direction I took a pack of the tablets out of the box and put them in my pocket.

    Opportunity to use them was the next challenge, but it didn’t take long for that to occur. As my friend and I sat in the lounge plays video games she demanded me make her a hot chocolate. Apparently, I was good at that and it was my perfect opportunity. She drank the entire mug of hot chocolate and even commented on how nice it was. A positive comment was almost unheard of with her so that really surprised me. If she knew why she probably would have hurt me, which she had done before.

    As time went on nothing happened so I just thought my plan had failed and that annoyed me. That was until hours when we were at a party. I notice she seemed increasingly uncomfortable as she sat in her chair. That had my undivided attention and not long after she stood up with a very shocked look on her face. Going to the toilet meant walking through virtually everyone at the party and when she turned around to do so it was clear she had pooped her pants. Her white skirt had a massive brown stain and within a few steps it was obvious her accident was far from finished. It was also obvious her panties had filled to capacity and failing to keep it contained.

    My first reaction was excitement knows my revenge had worked but that soon changed. It seemed like every person in the room had seen what was happening and making fun of her. My excitement quickly turned to guilt as everyone stood there looking at her and laughing. I felt so guilty I asked if she need help, which she quickly excepted. When we got in the toilet and realized how bad her accident was, she began to cry so that made me even more horrible. Her panties and skirt were well beyond a quick wash and clean and there was nowhere near enough toilet paper. The only option was a shower, so she asked me to check if it was vacant and fortunately it was.

    At the time I always carried a backpack with a change of clothes, which she knew and the reason why. As she finished having a shower, she asked me if I had it with me and seemed quite happy when I said yes. My backpack had often been a tool for her belittlement but denying her the use of my clothes seemed rather mean, especially when I was the reason why she needed them. She didn’t even seem to care they hadn’t been washed and she never made fun of me again.

    A few weeks later I plucked up the courage to tell her what I had done but to my surprise her reaction was not what I expected.

  3. Holy shit I want to shit myself infront of my partner. Unfortunately she is not into scat but she has no idea how much I’m into it.

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