Revenge Farts

WARNING: If you didn’t read the title, then YES this story is about farts, don’t continue to read if you don’t like them because I don’t want your complaints. 😉 Love from Dustin ^_^

My friend RJ came over to spend the night last night. He’s a very big guy, in the sense that he’s on our University Wrestling team, so he looks like he’s big, but it really is all muscle. Though, he does love to eat. 

We’d gone out to dinner at a bar that evening, he brought some food home. I ate it while he napped, pulling a horrible prank on my constantly hungry friend. I eventually fell asleep as well. I woke up to the sound of him slamming my fridge. “Mother fucker!” He yelled. “Dustin!!” He yelled at me. He shook me, I pretended to be asleep. He repeated his curse words as he sat there. I heard him mumble something about a fart, then along with a grunt, he released a long thunderous fart. He laughed. I could smell it, I began to get a boner. He mumbled something else about a fart and he said my name. 
I heard him leave his seat on my couch. I suddenly felt his weight on my chest. I opened my eyes to see his plaid boxers in my face. My cock throbbed, I could feel my own boxers sticking lightly to the tip of my dick from precum. He sat back onto my face. He reached his strong hands into his shorts and spread his firm asscheeks. He leaned his body and I could feel his asshole pucker against his shorts and against my nose as he released another fart directly into my nose. He tensed up. “Almost shat on you, food stealing bitch.” He laughed, got off of me, and went to the bathroom to poop. While he was gone, I continued to imagine his weight on me, and warmth of his body, and the excitement of him punishing me for what I’d done as I masturbated, sending me back to sleep with a mischievous smile on my face.  

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