REUNION POOP…and change

I was in my last year of high school and discreetly loading my pants on purpose at home. Still doing large bowel movements in my pants for fun but having to hide from my folks as they found out several years back and were furious with me. I promised I wouldn’t do it anymore but I knew that was a lie. I knew I would continue to mess and wet my pants. This reunion was far away from home but in a car less than a day to get there. I rode with my cousins who were pants poopers as well…or I thought they still were. I held back my shit for more than one day and I figured there would be my girl cousin at the reunion who I had a crush on and wanted her to change me. Eeew yeah, poop my pants in front of a pretty girl for attention and ask her to change me. I had it all figured out. Well upon getting there I was informed that she would not be there until the next day. Yuck! I was not going to be able to hold this back another day. So would I do it in front of my cousins or be a really bad boy and do it in front of my mom. Or I could just stand in front of everybody and say ” Look everybody! I’m a big baby because I am filling my pants right now with a long soft log and it is about to go **PLOP* in my underwear.” So we ate a big food spread and almost right after I felt that big supper pressing on my lower stomach and brain signals were saying It is time to move your bowels. Yeah…OH YEAH! There were some cuter boys there than previous years and I started to want to go in my pants in front of them along with other adults. I could tell this movement was going to be big. So I stepped away from the action of everyone as we were outside in a picnic area. I got close to a tree and just stood there staring at cute boys and pretending later after I shit myself I could show them that some older boys like to shit themselves. Maybe I might get one of them to tease me and ask me if I liked having poopy in my pants. That gets me hard when I get teased too. So I stood next to the tree and started to play the grunt/push game. Grunt to start the flow and a slight push to continue the flow then retract fast. Retract forces the shit back inside me. That feels good . At this point consequences for what I was doing were suspended. I only thought about doing a mega load in my pants. I did another grunt and push and this time I went a little further. Then retracted. I was staring at boys and girls and adults and pretending I was still a baby making a poo in my pants. The I did the final grunt push and this time I let it fully release and slide out into my pants in the typical **PLOP** in the seat part. What a feeling that I just successfully filled my pants at the reunion and not at home in front of changer boys Guess what follows shit…Yes PISS follows shit and I began to wet my pants. I had light grey sweat pants on and the wet stain grew quickly and I was so excited to have shit and pissed my pants. I then emerged to show everyone that I was a baby. Two boys noticed me and came over laughing and calling me names , Then my cousin came over and said ” OMG! your still doing it in your pants!” It felt good to have poop in public. This was like being back in middle school when I loaded my pants in front of a couple of boys.

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