Rest Stop Wetting

So, recently my bf and I went to the rest stop just down the interstate from us. Figured it was a great place to start with public watersports, since it was a rest stop on the way out of town and also close enough that it was unlikely anyone who saw would be from where we live (important cause of bf’s job). I chose to wear a pair of large black denim shorts. I chose these specifically because I really didn’t know before whether or not it was going to show. As it turned out, it did. And I loved it. I went into the one stall at the end, sat down and let go. Because of the way I was sitting, the back of my pants got a lot wetter than the front, and unintentionally ended up leaving a puddle on the floor in the stall. Didn’t intend to, but glad that it happened. As I walked out and back to the car, which we parked at the farthest spot, I know that I was seen by at least a few of the many many people there. There was a man in a suit who followed me until I got in my car, had to be obvious, and had to turn around to get to his car after I was in mine. My bf did similar in the stall next to me, though he was wearing shorts that very specifically hid it. (Public wetting is a huge fantasy/fetish of mine. Bf prefers other forms of watersports and has job worries I don’t, so he was doing this for me. Damn, so lucky I found him) I took video and can be watched named reststop. This was the most public location I’ve done it in, and the first time I filmed in public. Looking forward to doing more and more public, both trying to hide it completely as well as making sure I am seen. Farther away from home, more daring I will get. Anyone interested in joining let me know. Bf will always be there, sometimes joining and sometimes just as the camera man. Hope that the videos are as good as all the ones that have inspired me on here, both the newly restored site and the many years of the original. Comments and suggestions always welcome, more I know people like what I post more likely I am to video what I do.

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