Does anyone out there have any experience in repacking. I am looking to see if any others like to save their shit and repack there asses so they can have a huge load or just have some when they feel like getting dirty. f so what is the best way to save your shit and what do you use to repack your ass?

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  1. Av Hurd of shit re packing but never tryed it but would love to see how much poop I can get in me ass

  2. oh there are several ways, if you use your own, shit on plastic rape and roll it and or shape it to a big roll and freze it. The other way is find another and get hole to hole and hope it is a hard log and if you are streched and lubed good it will slide right in. Have done both and it is HOT

  3. I only JUST saw this. I never would have thought someone else actually did this. Oddly enough, there are other ways as well, but they take lots and lots of practice.

    I have been doing it for a long time, but without the ‘roll’ (and I have never been butt-to-butt).

    Over time, I have learned to put my poop back inside with my fingers, but like I say – it takes LOTS of practice, and patience. I have packed myself pretty well sometimes.

  4. I’ve pooped in my underpants, then put the entire loaded undies in an airtight container until I have to poop again. When i have to poop, I take the prior load of poop and put it in my current underpants which feels great and then poop on top of the previous load making a huge load of poop in them.

  5. when i visit friends in a certain town on the border twixt england and wales,i very often find that i need a big and i mean big soft shit,and if i am not careful and get to a toilet pretty quick,i end up shitting myself,i have tried repacking it but it was too soft,would love to find a guy into repacking and as much sex as possible.

  6. I have repacked many times. I like to have my love shit in a condom and save it in the refrigerator. Once we have a bunch saved, I have her repack my ass. We have tried different tools to repack. Once she used a big plunger type water gun toy that we took the tip off so it was about 1 1/2″ diameter. She had to work my ass for a while to get me loose enough to take the tube. It was great, she filled me up.
    Once we used a cooky dough gun. It costed about $12.00 at walmart. It didn’t hold as much but worked out well. We filled each other andplayed shit games for hours. Can’t wait to do it again.

  7. I’d love to go ass to ass with someone, especially if they had huge firm logs. Maybe a few poeple at a time to get packed full. I think it would be great to get shit packed with a few peoples shit so you don’t know whos is who’s .

  8. Once last year, I did save a load in a jar with a lid for a few days, and put the whole shitted pants and all into the jar. When it was time to poop again, I put those same pants full of poop back on, being careful not to lose the poop out the leg openings. Then I pooped the new shit right on top of the old. WOW! I had a massive mound with over-run in my pants. And they were fully packed and felt oh, sooooo good! I walked around a while with them full and some actually fell out, then I sat and slide in it and it was wonderful. Played with it for about an hour then pulled my pork for a nice climax. It was a lot of fun, and I will repeat this soon again. I want to get a woman’s full size bathing suit, and when I get it, I plan on shitting in it 3 or 4 times during the weekend one on top of the other. I may save several poops in my jar and add them to it too. This would make a super big load in my pants and I’m sure it would be just right!

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