After a break of a few weeks, I am all set for re-enactment of my full-scale wet “accident” I had at school. I am already  corduroy shorts, white cotton underpants etc – about 7 on desperation scale….need to get to 9 + to make it authentic. Nicely regressed in my mind to age and situation of the episode  🙂


OMG – it’s all come back to me – big puddle on the floor – everyone could see it – my corduroy short and pants really soaked. Standing up and feeling drips onto backs of legs – the coldness of it all once the warmth had gone – WET SOCKS!!!

But underlying it …what a relief! – strange how, despite the humiliating situation, that lovely  feeling of contentment once bladder drained – amazing feeling.

Going to stay in wet clothes for a while

UPDATE: + 1.5 hrs

Still in wet things – this is longer than I actually had to remain in my wet pants etc after the school incident, but just like to experience it over again – did I really continue wearing everything all wet until I arrive home? Still do not understand why school did not let me get changed into “spare” stuff like seemed to be done for other “wet” kids?!

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  1. I have often wondered what happened with my clothes when I wet my pants at school, I have very little to no memory of the aftermath and don’t recall if I was changed or left in my clothes till they dried. I don’t even remember if I was sent home or not, I presume somebody must have noticed, given I was wearing grey trousers that got soaked top to bottom. Its something I often ponder but I can get no answers…

  2. Thanks for comments from Nistoy and 1001nights!

    Nistoy: probably my teacher school thought they could avoid the hassle of organising a "change" as it was right at the end of the afternoon that they found out I had wet myself. Even so, i think I was shocked just to be allowed to go home "as I was". Guess easier to leave to my parents to sort out! did you have wet shorts on many occasions? up to what age?

  3. 1001 Nights.

    how many times do you think you wet in school – up to what age?
    May be because little "fuss" was made, you were able to dismiss the events more easily from your mind?

    The school dealt with me in quite an appalling way at the time and I think that has meant it stuck with me so vividly.

  4. I believe I only had a full wetting accident once, when I was 5 or 6, the incident which I view as the sort of foundation for my entire interest. I certainly leaked a lot and did have on multiple occasions levels of wetness in my pants / trousers that could maybe be counted as an accident!

    I vividly remember the actual accident and the immediate aftermath (the teasing etc), but my memory is empty after this. I do have a loose theory that I just stayed in my wet clothes, but I cast doubt on that because, as said, I was wearing grey trousers which would’ve shown wetness, and I certainly was very wet… you may be right though. If nothing remarkable happened afterwards that may be why I have no memory. The school I attended for the Infants was pretty bad so it may not surprise me if they just didn’t bother to pay attention!

    It frustrates me a little that I can’t remember since I’m a little obsessed with details for this sorta stuff. An irritating blank patch!

  5. I wet myself in school many times and only a couple were "accidents" the rest were on purpose.

  6. You have decribed the pleasure so well – the warmth, the coldness, the wet socks and the contentment from the empty bladder!

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