relaxed morning with a tint of brown

Hey fellow shit enthusiasts.

I fucking love mornings, mine normally start with wakekng up nude having a smoke and standing at my favourite spot to drain the lizard. And then masturbating for a while. This all leads up to my morning nap till lunch.
Well this morning I woke up in my chair  with wet boxers hanging on. And a porn DVD still on. 
Now this is my kind of morning. I grabed and lighted up a smoke. And gave a few puffs. And threw some coffee on. While I waited for it to brew. I sat back down and fjnshed off the smoke I started. I started to rub my soaked crotch eventuly pulling my cock out of the little hole in my boxers. Some beer farts from the night before escaped and added to my morning arousal. 
After a nice long moment of self pleasure I grabbed and started another smoke. 
By the time my smoke was done I had 3 coffees in my system. Coffee and cigs always give me a good.morning shit but it takes time to brew. 
While buzzed from the smoke and drink I got close to cumming and edged my self for a bit. But it was about time for a morning piss. 
I got some more coffee and sat at my chair and waited as the time passed. I wanted to cum but I sat back and took it like a man. 
After the fifth cup I had to piss badly. But I could hold it. A tad longer. I grabed a clean white shirt and though about changing to some old piss stained tightly whites but I figured I’m good enough. But I grabbed my favourite pair of bku tightly whites. I get off so much to there smell. 
I went back to my  chair and 
I drank two more cups and it felt like the flood gates were about to bust. 
I reclined my chair as far back as I could. And pulled out my cock that was about to drain in to my boxers that were still wet from the night before. 
I lit up another cig and I let the piss flow. I aimed for my white shirt that turned gold  and aimed at my face soaking my beard and had a bit of a taste. It wasn’t bad home piss brew.. 
My golden shower lasted a bit with plenty of gas. And that gut feeling of a shit brewing. I forced a few more farts out. I stood up and took of my piss soaked boxers and sat down. I inspected the rear of them and noticed a few good shit stains. I reclinded back in the chair and threw them on my face. Taking in the manly aromatic smell I generated.  I rubed my cock slowly, as I intoxicated by my smell. I edged for a while and abruptly stopped to get the rest of the coffee and start a smoke. I sniffed my boxers once more and threw them back on.  
I gulped down the coffee and finished my smoke. I reclined in my chair and let some more gas pass. And then then coffee caught up to my bladder again. I got up grabed a few smokes.for the time ahead
I chained smoked while I was waiting on my bowls. Towards the end of the chain smoking, I let my piss flow. As my piss was flowing I gave a good shit push. Leading to a long wet fart. I let a few more long wet farts. And the piss had been drained again. 
But ….to be cumtunuied

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