redneck territory marking

about 2 years ago i had put an ad on craigslist saying looking for redneck/blue collar/construction dudes into marking their territory. well a 29 yr old recently divorced construction-redneck origonally from texas answered the ad & came over. he drove a big pick up & stood about 5’10” reddish/brown hair about 165lbs, had a little bit of southern accent. when he came in to my house he asked if i was a cop? i said no. then we sat down on my couch & i had several bottled waters for him to drink. he said he already had to piss. so i brought him into my guest bedroom & he asked again if i was a cop i said no, so he said well then let me see you piss first, so i took out my cock & let some piss go on the bed, then he took out his cock & started to piss on the bed then turned to the wall then the other wall the closet doors & let it just go right on the carpet. i was intantly hard. he said hes always had a fantasy to mark his territory. we went back into the living room & he drank down 2 more bottled waters, i was excited. he asked if i ever pissed in my bed i said i had a coupe times & i had a couple other guys do it on my mattress also, i said there are a few yellow piss stains on my bed do you wanna see them? he said yeah, so we went into my bedroom & i took the sheet & pulled it back & i looked at him his eyes were glued to the piss stains & his jeans were bulging out from his boner. he unzipped his jeans & took out a 9″ cock my mouth was watering & he started to stroke it…. then we went back into the living room & he sucked down another bottle water & started heading for the guest bedroom and let loose like a firehose & made a puddle on my rug then turned to the bed made a puddle on the mattress & i was so fuckin horny i knelt down in front of him & was stroking my cock in his piss stream, i wanted to suck it but he pulled back & said wow you really like piss dontcha & turned toward the wall & stroked his cock fast & shot a huge load on my wall, 1,2,3,5,6,8 & finally after 9 shots of cum he was done & the cum was sliding down my wall i then shot right on the floor & soon left. he came back 2 more times & once brought a buddy of his & it was so awesome. then he sold his house & moved a couple hours away & i havent heard from him since, but i will definatly remember him…

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  1. You’re the kind of friend I wish I had … and I wish I could find … Great Story.

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