Reason For Site Lacking Female Content

This is mainly based on my observation of the female content. This site used to be amazing. When Alexa took over, I finally started seeing more and more girls post videos on this site and things were finally starting to look up for me. Then the blow happened when we were all required to pay a membership fee if we wanted to view the videos. And I completely understand the need to make it a pay site. These things cost money. Funding has to come in from somewhere to keep everything running. I was actually shocked it’s been free for as long as it has been. I personally had no problem with the terms because the membership so dirt cheap. But it seems everyone got all pissed off about having to pay after it’s all been free for so long. I’m sorry but I felt the old site was seriously lacking. Yet so many people on here were all protesting this new site’s membership policies and were willing to donate money to get the old site up and running again. Ummm.. what? You’ll pay to get the older shittier site up and running again so you don’t have to pay a monthly or yearly membership fee, but you aren’t willing to pay ONE fucking dollar a month? Oh and bang up job on getting that old site off the ground again. So now we all basically have no website to share videos and other content with each other. Like seriously what was the purpose of boycotting this whole thing? Now we’re all just left with nothing.

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  1. Lots of us did pay the membership fee and members are still posting videos.

    I never look at anything female,so am in no position to comment, but your complaint seems to be the female membership has stopped posting.

    I don,t think you have to be a premium member to post videos (only to view them) so unwillingness to pay the membership fee is probably not the cause.

    Perhaps the girls themselves would like to comment?

  2. There are the same quantity of videos being posted now as there were a year ago. View the videos by upload date, just as many as there were before…….

    I think what you’ll find is this becomes a more poo-centric site as it kinda always has. Poop seems to be the more poopular fetish of the two, and the old management was very restrictive on that. Once the restrictions were lifted (based on the survey of all the members that lasted a week with 8000 submissions stating that some 78% wanted to see more poop content here) the content piled in and continues to do so.

    Men are much more interested in sharing their own content than females are. Which probably is the reason that 92% of all the content here features men and only 8% features women. Do I want to see more female content here? Yes! But I also want to see more male content here. I think there should be something for everyone. But I do agree, the female content is very lacking in general.

    A lot of females do get a little scared, too. Post up a picture or a video and you’ll get a few dozen private messages in a single day all from guys wanting you to watch them on cam, meet for a shit bonanza, talk about their fetish, it’s quite overwhelming. I still get 3 or 4 of them every day and I dont even have much content up here at all. I had to install message privacy rules so some of the girls could block “non-friends” from spamming them all day. I get a number of support tickets every week about too many guys spam bombing female members.

    In the end, the site is what you guys and gals make of it. I’ll always be trying to improve things and make the site better and easier to use. That’s a never ending process. 🙂 But the content comes from the members, and it’s the members who decide what to upload and when!

  3. Why would any attractive female post a video on here that someone has to pay a membership to watch while the uploader receives no gain, if they are willing to do it on camera and share the video they might as well set up a page at and make some money off it. I fear the days of any good original female videos here uploaded by the girls themselves are basically done.

    On a related note I am in the midst of a dilemma, I have an original video I recorded of a girl pooping her panties that nobody beside me has seen. I am trying to figure out what to do with it, I’d like to share it for free as I would have in the past but as we’ve learned recently there is value to it and like I said before it kind of sucks to post a video here for free knowing money is being generated from it without the uploader getting a piece. I understand there is an incentive to post 20 vids and get free premium but I wouldn’t get anywhere near that on original content anytime soon. I’ve thought about posting asking if anyone else has original content to trade so I get something for it but I’ve done that in the past just to get vids that are available and have been around as well as berated in the post for not just putting it out there. Then there is always setting up a seller account at scatshop but that requires ID which I would rather not attach to this fetish. So I’m not sure what to do…

  4. You want me to pay you to upload videos? No. 😉 The dollar each month premium members provide pays web server bills, bandwidth, and software licenses. This is not a money making operation. If it was, it’d be $19.99 a month, not $13.99 a year. 😉 This site has NO advertisements, NO popups, NO spyware, NO malware, NO tricks. Members support the site, no income from anything else.

    You’re right, though, most girls would rather sell their clips than upload them for free. And many do.

  5. I never had expectations of being paid to upload videos, that wasn’t my point. I was just illustrating that a fatal blow was delivered to the old days of free original amateur content (like the famous Katy vids for example) once it became easy to monetize this content mostly thanks to
    It’s not like there weren’t paid videos before but it was difficult to find a secure venue to host and sell and even then the prices were kind of high for the quality (ie wetset,
    To be clear I am not knocking any of your pages Alexa, I enjoy and use when there is the perfect video and I even reluctantly joined premium here even though female content/interaction is excruciatingly rare. My point was, now more than ever there is tangible value to a new female panty poop video and I have a hard time giving it away knowing that. Like you I want something for it and i agree with what you said “many do”.

  6. Also there is the larger esoteric question, is this just a gay scat/watersports site that has, what was it, 8% female content, that’s a shitty tip for any service 😉
    Personally I’m straight and it’s not the biggest turn on to see a few shitty dicks to find female content but unfortunately its a small fetish and there aren’t many places to get that content so I still come here, sigh…
    It’s a shame that anytime a girl does come out of the woodwork she gets hounded back into oblivion, I picture it like a pack of hungry wolves getting thrown a piece of meat and that is due to the nature of this fetish/community. I am guilty of this as well but I try to be respectful, its very hard to find and interact with people into this in the real world so we hide behind screens and hope to connect and when someone comes out it’s exciting to talk to them about it, unfortunately it’s in a crowded party and everyone screams at once and nobody really connects with anyone and that is because the 92% vs. 8% ratio.
    There is no clear answer or fix to balance the scale, It is what it is but I can wish it wasn’t.

    I wonder how many are here just for female content compared to here for male and see how that stacks up to content and views, like are you paying for bandwidth for hours of videos of guys shitting that a few people or nobody has watched? Or is that the big market and it just sucks being in the minority?

  7. Yea, I understand. Thanks for your constructive thoughts! Porn’s always been monetized. ScatShop just captured the market for poop porn. Pee clips do exist there, but they are more poo/pee clips than just watersports. Before ScatShop there was only one other place to sell poop content on, I’m sure others will pop up too. Just like we saw with Clips4Sale and now there’s a million Clips4Sale clones out there.

    Back when that survey was posted here, about 50% of members watched male and female content, and about 40% of members watched male only content, and the final 10% watched female only content.

    Bandwidth all comes down to network card utilization. We’re the only site you can watch videos in 720p at, all the other tube sites you’d be lucky if they are 240p or 480p (which, 480p is actually considered HD! wtf!), and they have such incredibly low bitrates that they are so blocky and ugly to watch. We could save money by serving up lower quality videos, but then that kinda defeats the purpose of sharing a video. I plan to set the encoder to 1920×1080 (1080p) very soon for new uploads, to continue to push the limits of having the best quality site out there. It’s expensive to do, but I think it’s very much worth it.

    If advertising companies didn’t exclude poop & pee sites from being accepted, the site would be a lot easier to run. But also, I like a site with no ads. I really hate ads. You have to dedicate so much of the sites space to showing ads just to bring in a penny it’s ridiculous…….. We did have PlugRush up for a little bit, and I cant remember the exact figure, but it was like $1.80 per day in income. It was pretty terrible. I’d rather Premium membership be optional to remove ads at a lower price (as if it isn’t cheap enough to begin with), and serve ads to non premium members that way everyone can see the same thing. If any ad networks ever started accepting sites like this one, it’s certainly something to explore!

    A way to tip the scales so there are more females here? Tough one! I think it’s those two factors of message spam, money, and then more guys are into this fetish than females are. I’d like to see the site balance out, but that’s probably more wishful thinking than an actual reality. Something for everyone is the goal in the end and as long as members are happy, I’m happy too.

  8. Thanks for your thoughts, very informative.

    Just brainstorming but what if some models on scatshop put a few older, lower selling vids on here as a promotional tool? Someone sees it, likes it, wants to see more from that person and buys other vids.
    Or something like as a requirement to have a seller account you have to meet a quota of free videos posted here per year or something like that? Nothing too spectacular but enough to keep the fires lit and possibly growing for the community.

    I may be way off here but it seems like a good idea, like free samples in the market.

  9. Some of the girls are already on here. ScatGoddess, LoveRachelle2, and a few more I’m forgetting…… I cant make “post videos for free before you sell them” a requirement, it’s not my business to tell them what to do with their content. Forcing someone to upload against their will is the absolute opposite of what I would envision this site to be. 🙂 In my email signature is on every email I send, including their “seller approved” email. They all know this site exists. It’s just up to them to use it….

  10. This discussion is a breath of fresh air to me. Finally somebody else has seen that there is a black and white distinction between scatology and pornography and you can have one without the other.

    I’m going to investigate the videos on this site a bit more now based on this. Hopefully I’ll be able to see natural shitting events, not manufactured scat sessions where clean shaven girls full of laxatives spray brown liquid over every available surface. That might turn on some people but not me. I want to see normal everyday people opening up their anuses to release normal everyday turds the way they always do. That’s all.

    It is a lonely world sometimes and it’s difficult to connect with the “right” people. You do also have to suss people out very carefully because real life is very different to online.

    I have more than 200 videos of my own in my archive and I have been thinking about how to monetise them, knowing there are probably many people out there who would pay (probably big bucks) to see it. But I support the little guys, I have a website myself and I know how difficult it is to keep these things running. So after I’ve cleaned everything up a little, I think I’ll post some of my better ones on here. It could take a month or so, but the community will benefit from my contribution.

    Thanks for this great site. It is not easy to find places where one can enjoy shit without having sex constantly shoved in the face at the same time.

  11. Help me but what is it that every one wants every thing for free? like what do you get for free? it cost money to put up a site , and maintain a site? every thing has a cost, I am so tired of people who dont want to pay taxes, who dont want to carry their fair share, someone else can do it, well I am willing to pay to get what I want if not then go to the free sites and what do you get not this,,,that is for sure,,,

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