[Real Story] I went to school in pooped and pissed pants

Soo this morning I felt the need to pee and thought about doing a video while doing it ( and so did I my last Pee Video) Soo before hadding to school so I went into my bath and went to piss in my undies and after I was done recording the urge to shit hit me hard … so I just let loose and let it all out in my undies afterwards I made a little video showcasing my undies and the bulge and after the video was dont I went masturbating in my room and jizzed in my undies and noticed that my shit didnt smellt to bad and started thinking about maybe totday is the day where I should wear pissed and shitted undies in school and so I did I only hade 2 Leasons totday so the Risk was minimal I went to school and besides my friend ( Who sat besides me in class ) nobody said anything and after school I jizzed again and still sit in my dirty pants 🙂

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  1. me and my girlfriend both love to go places and shit and piss ourselves, or go somewhere having already shit and pissed ourselves, a lot of times we go days and keep shitting in same pants so by the end its a huge mess which is awesome, right now im sitting in 3 days worth and gf hasn’t changed in almost a week!

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