Re-wearing pants/shorts you pissed/shit in

Is anyone else into wearing clothes that have been pissed and shit in without washing them? Me and my girl love doing this, I have on shorts that ive been pissing and shitting in for 2 weeks now with only the excess shit falling out of them, no other cleanup whatsoever. They smell great and I love the nastiness of it. Gf is wearing jeans she hasn’t washed in almost a month, they are completely brown on the back and down the legs and they reek! We also don’t shower much, been 3 weeks for me and a month and a half for her, anyone into similar things? Yes we do go out in public like this and get many disgusted looks!

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  1. I like to poop in pull-ups and will often put a loaded pull-up on to add another load or two. i have to wear XL to do multiple loads.

  2. I have a pair of light brown colored bib overalls that I have been pissing in off and on for over a year without washing them. They look and smell great.

  3. nice, yeah me and gf have no intention of washing the pants/shorts and same goes for our bed which is so soaked in piss its dripping on the floor plus there is quite a bit of shit smeared allover it also, we both love sleeping in the filth and the freedom to just go instead of getting up. I love the smell of piss and shit and don’t see anything wrong with it.

  4. I have some jeans that I never never wash. I let it go in them, and then put them back when they are dry. The smell is great and the stains noticeable, of course. But as you know, I don’t care.

  5. Oohhh yeahhh… I do the same very frequently with my previously peed, sharted or pooped, and cummed, filthy skintight jeans.

  6. i added a pic of gfs shitty jeans, you can see the red sores on her ass from sleeping in shit and having shit on her all the time without showering so now u know just what we are working with lol

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