Hi Group:
To what extent did any of the group (amongst the 70 who have answered POLL) start to re-enact a particular “accident” they had had (or seen)?

My own journey into all this started quite soon after my puddle in class. Initially I wanted to find out what I must have looked like to others present (how etc were my clothes etc). Hence my profile pic is significant as I believe I must have looked like that!!!!.
Soon though, it got to be very exciting to “do” it solo/private.

Be interested in knowing if it was like this for any of you?

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  1. Hi- just to record that I have had an enjoyable private/solo re-enactment today – corduroy shorts, white cotton trunks/vest – all nicely cross-legged on the floor. As well as being very enjoyable, I found that it sharpens up my recall of so many aspects of the original incident. Clothes all washed now and drying nicely.

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