Random Piss

A majority of the times, piss is a huge turn on and a gate way for jacking off — exciting my dick tension and my mind. If I am watching porn or live video I will immediately start getting images of me and the guy in our piss games. I’ll have it all planned out. I’ll keep the thoughts to myself if I discover he isn’t into piss. 

For me piss is a huge turn on, If I am just waking up the urges usually make my dick super hard and I start humping it – hence the morning boner, or piss boner.
I love public forms of sex, so here in the big city a trip to a Macy’s or other large department store usually means there will be cruising bathrooms. I’ve been to plenty, but never to enjoy piss games until one day last summer. I did my usual rounds sucking cock and jacking off, and then finally found a dude willing to give me a nice drenching. It was great – until I duh realized I didn’t have back up clothing. Needless to say, I looked like an idiot when I finally got the nerve to leave the stall. Haven’t pissed for fun in a stall since. But if I do, I’ll be sure to take a towel and fresh clothing.   
My first introduction to piss was actually via straight porn mags. My aunt is a lesbian and a rather fetish enabled one at that. It was the pictures in her magazine that first made my little dick stand on end. I wasn’t gay or straight, just horny. I got horny looking at the girls vaginas pissing, watching them spread their legs pissing would usually make my little boy dick shoot like crazy. But that was way back then. I am still curious now and then what a real live woman pee would look like, would I get hard?
Till next time, happy random pissing boys and girls. 

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