Rachel's nightmare Ch. 3

This story will be told from Rachel’s POV starting in a dream. To find out what the characters are wearing/type of bodies check chapters 1 and 2. Enjoy 🙂

        Rachel had unpacked all of her luggage and belongings in her tight cabin. Exhausted she settled down for a nap. 
        Rachel quickly drifted to sleep. She is all of a sudden dreaming that she is at work in her cubicle. Rachel has an endless supply of work to finish and she realizes that her clothes are strange. Rachel has on tan tight shorts too small and not appropriate for work. She also has oh a a flowery purple button down with only 3 buttons, which were all on the bottom. Rachel noticed her bra is white and her panties were many sizes too small giving her a constant weggie. 
        She was sweating really bad from working, keeping her shirt closed, and now a sudden urge to poop. Rachel couldn’t just walk to the bathroom. “That would waist time” she thought.
        Rachel kept on trying to keep cool, but her weggie was distracting her and so is her need to poop. She is uncontrollably letting off juicy farts which are luckily muffled by cubicle walls. 
        Rachel now realized she couldn’t wait until a break. She had to go soon. Her weggie is creating her a lot of discomfort but she isn’t able to fix it due to the number of busy people walking around the office. She felt her bowels lurch and gurgle so she knew she would need to go now. 
        Rachel quickly got up…bad idea her tired anus lost the battle and a loud wet fart slipped causing her to shiver and a few colleagues to raise their busy heads. She quickly headed for the nearest toilet. Rachel farted again. Her face turned a deep shade of red as she whimpered in desperation. 
        Finally reaching the toilets, Rachel stumbled in and went in a stall. Unfortunately the door wouldn’t lock or close all the way. Rachel stood there and pulled and grunted but she couldn’t get the door to close. 
        Rachel is now close to an accident. She grabs a wax toilet seat cover and tries to set it on the seat but they keep falling in. Meanwhile her bowels are pushing its load out. She finally sets one down. Rachel now shaking, unzips her shorts and as she does her massive load slides and oozes out in thick warm turds which fill every inch of her small panty. She sits down and finishes her load in her panties. 
        Rachel’s panties are overflowing with her warm poop and sag into the toilet. Before she can cleanup her mess Rachel starts to wake up. 
        She starts to stir and she wakes up sweating. Rachel realizes as she lets out a messy fart that she is about to shit her panties. She quickly raises out of bed one hand clutching her anus another opening the door. 
        Rachel hears a knock on the door “Hello Rachel it’s me Tammy!” 
       Rachel stummers “ooh I will be there in a minute”
She lets Tammy in and hurries toward the bathroom. “What’s the rush come over here what’s the matter?” Tammy asks.
        “Oh Tammy I really gotta go. Um..poop! I can’t hold it!” Rachel wailed. She covers her face and warm poop fills her panties. Her turds crackle and bubble as they fill her underwear. 
        “Oh I’m so sorry you had to see this Tammy. This is worse than my nightmare. Rachel sobbed.
        “Oh it’s alight Rachel would you like to talk about it?” Tammy asked feeling Rachel’s massive bulge in her panties. 
        “Um well yeah maybe sure” Rachel replied. 
        “Oh good Rachel please sit here” Tammy said patting her lap. Rachel nervously sat down causing her poop to flow to the top and front of her panties. 
        “Well Tammy it started in my office…” Rachel said. 
        She told Tammy the whole story and was sobbing a little at the end. Then Tammy told her that she would clean her up if she liked. Which she agreed. 
The End. To be continued?
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