Quick and Dirty in the Woods

So there is a guy, 21, who goes to my university and he is pretty damn kinky and he doesn’t like me to see his face. We met up a few week ago where I had to be blindfolded, naked on the bed for him to use my ass how he wanted before blowing his load and leaving. Well yesterday out of the blue I got another summons.

This time he wanted me to walk into a small patch of woods right next to a busy route to/from the Uni and stand there, trouser down, facing away as he needed to pee. I saw a figure approaching across the patch of grass, turned around and dropped my trousers. I felt a hand on my shoulder and it caressed my ass. Then he pushed me a little to have me bent over. Then there was a brief pause. Then I felt the warm spurts as piss began to gush out of his dick and soak my t-shirt, ass and even my trousers. As he carried on pissing he was moving his 9″ dick around to make sure I was well covered and I took my trousers fully off (I had to still walk home after all) and he let the warm stream coat my back and ass.

Then fondled my ass and hard dick, popped his away, turned around and disappeared back into the estate. I took the t-shirt off, put a jumper on and then has to walk 20 mins back home with a wet ass and damp trousers. Hopefully, round 3 will not be far away 😛

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