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Okay guys. I finally found a great guy. And after talking to him about my love for diapers he agreed to let me diaper him so he can decide if he will be interested or not. Now. My question for you…. When I diaper him he is always soft and small. Usually small enough it kind of looks like his penis is sucked inside of him. So, when he starts to get an erection before he pisses it points up. Then he pees right out of his diaper. How can I get it to stay down? Should I make him hard before I diaper him? How do you all do it?

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  1. I think you are decribing a "piss hard-on", it’s not realy hard just that when it grows alittle he seams to shoot up, grab it and point it down or out.

  2. Diaper him & leave them on him for a while. Maybe his hard on will subside… doesn’t really matter, you are having fun. Go easy on him, bit by bit. Can be a bit shocking for the new b/f. x

  3. If he lays down and pees, it will come out the top.

    Usually you would diaper penis down, but as this is sexual he probably will get hard and it will hurt, so keep it up 🙂

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