Quest for Incontinence, first update!

Well, as I got a TON of messages from you horny guys talking about my blog and to me, here’s my first update.

I have a routine now. Wake up, urinate in current diaper. Change diaper from previous night, put on a nice and fresh one. Eat breakfast, if I can take a nice dump in my diaper. Get to work (I work at home) for a few hours, change myself, repeat until dinner, where I mess myself after tea. Sit in my diapers fucking around on the internet, on the pc or on netflix whatever.

The point is, whenever I need to, I urinate and defecate. Without question. I’ve done it while on the phone, on the computer, while answering the door (aaaaaaah) and out and about shopping, etc. I’ve been warned that I wouldn’t get much results at first, and I can’t say they were wrong. Every voiding has been intentional so far, which makes me sad 🙁
On the bright side, I’ve discovered I can gain flatal incontinence with the use of a hollow buttplug, waaay up inside my butthole (morty!). It’s quite exciting and erotic to shift in my seat, and accidentally let rip a huge wet fart.
I won’t make another blog like this until I get some significant changes, to make things interesting.

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  1. So GassyKat I wish you good luck for your quest !
    I’ve sent you a pm today
    Feel free to read and answer !

  2. Love the idea of the hollow butt plug. You sound like you enjoy it to the max. I would be more than happy to chill with you and chat. Great routine you have also. I’m not too far behind. Retired and widowed. netflix is a good way to spend the day with my cats. Well drop me a message anytime and will be glad to respond

  3. Ah – Rick and Morty!!!

    You know, that might actually be one thing that’s just better than (even poop) sex!


    Did you see Season 3 Episode 1 yet? ^ ^



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