Putting the Pee in Public

Well I am just in one of those kinky moods today. It had been a few weeks since I had done anything remotely kinky so I thought I’d make up for lost time. Day started with breaking in my ass which had seen nothing bigger than my bf’s big dick and so was in need of being gaped open again. After that success I had been hungry to do something else kinky and, at 2am I decided to go for a walk around where I am and do some real public pissing.

If you’ve read the rest of my stories you will know that going outdoors isn’t new to me, but normally if it’s naked it’s in nature or public in clothes, this time I decided to spice it up and was determined to piss over myself naked somewhere out and about.

I was totally bursting, and was topless under my coat with no pants under my joggers and so headed off for a park nearby. When I got there it was really well lit and there were, weirdly, quite a few cars driving past. Next to the park where lots of blocks of council flats with lit stairwells leading to darkened floors of rooms. I decided I would plump for one of these.

I gingerly creeped around into a couple making sure they didn’t have CCTV in them and chose one. I shrugged off my coat pulled down my trousers and placed my naked bum on the stairs and started to let go. A dribble or warm piss came out and trickled on my stomach and down my between my legs and tickled my hole. Then I heard a bottle be kicked really close and very quickly got dressed and made a dash for it.

I was pretty spooked tbh and poked my head in a few more but they seemed to have CCTV. So I wandered around, even more desperate as I had started and then stopped and spend another 20+ mins seeking out somewhere public but not CCTV public. Eventually I looped back and decided I would do it in one of the original bunch of flats.

I picked one by the park climbed up one short flight so that I was half way between the ground floor and first floor and was facing a cloudy window. The coast seemed clear so I shrugged off the coat again and this time really let it flow. I had to stop once and quickly get dressed, piss running down my legs and clinging to the inside of my coat as I thought someone was coming round the corner. Then, when the coast was clear again, I let go with as much as I could before the desperation had gone.

So there I was, naked on a stone stairwell in a block of flats, abs and ass soaked in piss and a souvenir left on the stairs as you can see 😛

TBH I was/am still pretty scared but moving in a couple of days and we’ll see if the new place in Jan (when I find it) will provide any new avenues 🙂

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