Punished by auntie part two

Once I had selected the new rules to go with my punishment my aunt revealed what they were by making me go through with them instantly. She asked me to follow her into the cupboard next to her room. I did an when she turned on the lights I could see a large machine attached to the back wall with a long pole coming out with a large dildo on the end. My aunt said I had to mess my diaper first before being attached to the machine. I stood against the wall with my hands pressed against it above my head. My aunt stood behind me and was holing her hand against the back of my diaper to feel the poop going into my diaper. I pushed hard and managed to push out a large hard log of poop. My auntie was praising me for making good poopies for her. My diaper now had a large buldge in it. My aunt now ask me to go on all fours in front of the machine. I did and then my aunt pulled my diaper off and said she’ll have fun with it whilst I was in the cupboard, little did I know my aunt had a diaper fetish and was going to wear my pooped diaper and use it her self until I had carried out my time. My aunt firstly lubed the dildo and my bum hole before starting the machine slowly to see if the dildo would fit; I did and she changed the setting. My aunt shackled my arms and legs so I couldn’t move away from the machine. My aunt left me alone and left a timer in front of me for an hour. The machine was set to go in a cycle from slow to fast. It started off to slowly push the dildo in and out of my butt and then it quickly sped up to the point that made me have the best orgasm I had ever had. This continued for the whole hour before my aunt came back. When she returned she instantly saw the amount of cum that was dripping from my self and in the floor. She shut down the machine and unfastened my shackles. I still had the dildo in so I had to crawl away from the machine to get free. My aunt was naked and just in my diaper. TBC

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  1. Very nice. really like how the aunt was wearing the poo filled diaper, perhaps she can poop in it and put him back into it.

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