Pulled over by a cop and desperate to pee!

A couple of weeks ago my partner and I were on our way home from one of our local gay bars we frequent on a Friday night. I usually drink beer and about an hour or so before we leave I switch to water so I’m sobered up for the drive home. The combination of beer and water really hits my bladder hard! Our drive home is about 50 minutes. So by the time we are getting close to home I am leaking piss in my pants. My partner is not into the wet scene which is a bummer for me but it doesn’t stop me from pissing myself anyway. We were about 15 minutes from home when I see the flashing lights in the rear view mirror. Now I’m really nervous he will make me get out of the car and see the wet spot on my jeans crotch. He was a cute cop and my fantasy would have been to piss my pants in front of him and have him add his piss all over me! Instead he let me stay in the car and give him my info. Couldn’t find the registration (which was in the glove compartment) so he gave me a citation for that instead of a speeding ticket. Now the urge to piss was so  bad that I had to let some go. The warm feeling around my balls and cock was getting me so hard. By the time we got home my ass was wet too. My partner went in the house before me so he didn’t see what I had done. I went into the bathroom sat on the toilet fully clothed and just pissed myself. Pulled my cock out of my pants, jerked off, showered and went to bed! I’ve been fantasizing about that cop pissing on my pants ever since!

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  1. Ah oui, çà doit être super excitant de pisser devant un flic, surtout s’il est mignon !!!

  2. Love sitting on the toilet and pissing myself. Great story thanks for sharing.

  3. i love to piss myself while sitting on the toilet too:D. GREAT STORY!

  4. Reading this story gave me a hard on and i had to toss off. Think we shoukd meet for a few drinks and we will both definitely be two of us in wet undies and trousers /jeans etc

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