Public wetting

I’ve been into the idea of wetting my pants in public for quite a while, but have always had a hard time getting the nerve up. I always imagine running into someone I know or getting arrested. But I’ve done it a few times. This morning I gave it another try. My goal is to be able to wet my pants in walmart, then walk all the way back to the front of the store and out. I chickened out, but stopped by a highway rest stop instead. I headed into the bathroom and pissed my pants until my sneakers and socks were soaked. Then, I calmly walked back out of the store and to my care. I don’t know if anyone in the store saw me. They certainly didn’t react. There was a guy ahead of me in the parking lot that kept looking back at me, though. He definitely noticed. Then I started driving home. When the urge hit again, I pulled into a large parking lot, then got out and went for a walk, resoaking my wet jeans and sneakers. Wet my pants for a third time when I got home. It felt amazing.

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  1. Nice I enjoy long road trips can pee in my pants at Rest stos and service stations where nobody knows me. Peed a full on load at a mii mart while checking out soaked waist into shoes and big puddle. The girl checking me out gave me a strange look.

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