Public Wetting with my Sis

First off, she’s not really my sister but a close friend that I feel is my list sister. To help imagery, I’m 6’1″, skinny and white with shortish proofed hair, while she’s 4’10”, Hispanic with black hair.
We did this at a local park by my house, and it was her going away gift for me before college starts. What exactly her gift was, was to be there to support me to public pee my pants which I asked her to do when I was drunk. She is the sweetest sister ever, she told me if I were to back down shed make sure I wet because she knew I wanted this. So I woke up at 9 in the morning and started off with a large iced coffee, next I drank 8oz of water every 15 minutes until 1:17 to fill my bladder to make sure I had little time to back down. I choose 1:17 because that’s when she said it’ll be ok and she’ll be there. So I picked her up and headed to the park.
We got to the park not long after I left to pick her up, I squirmed a bit but tried to hide it as I got out of my truck. I planned to go sit by one of the two port-a-pottys for changing later, but I was so nervous that I followed my sis, who walked all the way to the end of the park to a bench under the shade where the Chesapeake bay began, complete opposite from the bathrooms. At first I felt shy around her, but mainly paranoid around the people getting into and out of kayaks. I couldn’t go, as bad as I wanted to, I just couldn’t, and she didn’t even question my bladder, she never spoke of it while say. The whole time we just sat and chatted about who owed us stuff that they narrowed, and looked back at our high school memories, that’s when I first spurted.
That’s when the juices started flowing, I began to spurt ever couple minutes as we continued the conversation like both was happening. I did mange to catch her looking down at my pants every so often while talking (I guess to make sure I did go) but every time she looked I got embarrassed and tried to hide my crotch, (which had a baseball sized spot on my jeans). It made me hesitate for the next few spurts but I let them out over a course of 10 minutes, bit by bit, every time making that patch glisten and wet my bottom. By then I realized the glistening effect is what caught her eye, and we kept talking.
About 15 minutes pass, and I feel comfortable, wanting more then spurts, so I release a long soft stream, that begins to puddle out on the bench seat, I stop my self before it streams off though to hide noise. This I keep up like the streams, all the liquid that I drank was finally coming out, my spurting streams looked like regular morning urinations, except in high quantity, and soon enough I’d here the potter patter of urine on grass. I stopped and waited until that putter slowed to a simple-single drip motion, which then I started the stream two more times. That last time I streamed, I completely released, soaking my thighs on my jeans, front and back, my bottom, the bench, and making a large puddle in the dirt and grass (did I mention we shared the bench?).
We kept talking, I was paranoid saying how there’s a guy picnicking next to the bathroom, so we waited 5-7 minutes as I kept looking back, she just smiled. I gave up and said how scared I was, but she told me to hush and that she’s be my cover. So I stood and nodded. That guy never left so we had to go to the other port-a-potty which is farther and by the entrance of the park across the grass and parking lot. She stood beside me to hide me from the side. Then people started coming to the lot and we veered around cars. The. A kid and mom asked a woman where the bathroom is, luckily she didn’t know the one we were going to and I hid behind Melanie and acted like I texted when those people were there. Then were made a fast walk to the bathroom and Melanie guarded the door as I changed

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