public wetting together?

Anyone anywhere within driving distance of wilkes-barre, pa willing to get together and wet in a public place, like a mall, resturaunt, store, busy rest stop ect?  I’d love to do that filmed or not but doubt I’d have the courage if I was alone.  however someone else with me also doing it?  Anyhthing you want.  Public/ getting caughbt excited me so much, name it and if you will participate I’ll meet you anywhere within a few hours drive or come to you.  I am gay so preferably male, but if a female is the only one brave enough I won’t say no.

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  1. Well I know this is a stretch, cause the trip between us is close to 6.5 hours, but miles wise its only about 400 miles depending on the route, which basically equates to one tank of gas for most vehicles when you think about it. I LOVE public wetting. Do it all the time. No reservations about it. Have a good camera on my smartphone for taking videos. Often wet then drink more then rewet, or wet, change up, drink more then freshly wet again. I’m discrete, masculine, and security minded insomuch as I’ll do it almost anywhere, but not make so much of a scene as to get in any legal trouble. Everywhere has laws about indecent exposure and public urination, but there are NO LAWS anywhere against wetting your pants in public 🙂 If we are on private property such as a business or restaurant, they only have the right to ask us to leave, thats it. A gas saving measure could be meeting half way somewhere in CT or MA. That cuts the trip to around 200 miles each and can be done as a day trip, or an overnighter in a cheap hotel depending on cost of hotel room vs cost of gas and tolls. Just remember in the Peoples Demokratik Republiks of CT and MA, they do have the death penalty for speeding. LOL. PM me David if it sounds feasable and youd like to chat.

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