Public-Shitting Ecstasy

As an introduction, i am an older gay man who has been a consistent diaper wearer since my teens. It has not always been easy. Even in the gay community, where almost any behavior is accepted, adult men in diapers are often looked down upon as freaks. More than one potential lover has bolted for the door once i dropped my pants and they saw what i was wearing underneath. But my love for diapers has never diminished.

I should say right now that i love all aspects of both peeing and pooping, including eating the latter, but until very recently i was too shy to shit my diapers in public. I have always loved pissing at the slightest urge–sometimes even leaking when my nappies were too full–without a hint of embarrassment , but i had never pooped in public. When the desire to shit would hit, i simply looked for the nearest rest room where i could enjoy myself in private. I think i simply was afraid of offending others with the aroma of my fresh shit.

I don’t want anyone to think that i have something against diaper shitting. The most pleasurable times of my day are when i loose huge loads into my diaper, then sit down while maneuvering my ass to distribute my mess as far as it will go. Then i hope for more loads in the same diaper. [Pooping, by the way, is as close to an orgasmic experience as i know of and THEN to feel it oozing between my legs–oh my god, what a sensation!] But again, enjoying that kind of experience in public had been a personal taboo for me.

Two years ago or so, all of that accidentally changed for good. It was a busy Saturday for me–errands to run, chores to finish, those kinds of things. I did not have a lot of time to spare that day. Needing to shop at our local big-box hardware store, i headed out the door–diapered, of course–realizing that i was going to have to shit at some point as my stomach had been rumbling for a couple of hours. I could take care of that particular order of business at the store once it became urgent for me to do so, but i thought i could first pick up the small widow air conditioner i was there to purchase. There were several other shoppers in the immediate area, but i thought nothing of them. Reaching up to the third shelf, i began pulling the air conditioner towards me, when one of my involuntary farts seemed to be sneaking out. I was about to turn and excuse myself to the other shoppers, when the poop [my pee too] started flowing uncontrollably. There was nothing i could do to stop what was happening, so i simply stood there and enjoyed ever second of it. There was no getting around it, the other shoppers were well aware of what i had done; my aroma was wonderfully overpowering. Two hurriedly left the aisle without saying a word. A third called me a “pig.”
Everything was beyond my control [even a sudden erection], so i grabbed the air conditioner and headed for the nearest self-checkout lane. I wanted to get to my car as quickly as possible in order enjoy [what turned-out-to be] my huge mess. Getting into the car and just sitting for several minutes, smelling my incredible aroma and working my ass to spread the shit in my diaper, i felt an incredible sense of freedom. My last taboo was gone. I promised never to allow myself to inhibit any freedom again.

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  1. Not a diaper lover,but that feeling as you spread the soft warm poop all over your bum is fantastic.I just love to poop in my panties and then pe to make it softer and spread further as I rock in my car seat.Happy pooping.

  2. That turned me on. Wish I could have changed your diaper for you and had given you a cleaning.

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