public fun

Had little fun today. Decide to do some public embarrassment. I stopped at a gas station first. There was a car parked couple spots from the door. There was a woman in her late 20’s to early 30’s sitting in passenger seat . Her side was towards the door. And a woman in back that was hard to see. As I walk up to the door I could see them talking . The back of my pants wear completely soaked thru already form sitting in it. Just before going in the store I looked over at the woman in front seat. She noticed right away. She made eye contact with me and just smiled. Before I left the sore they where gone. That got me going. So before I went home I stopped off at rite-aid. The pharmacy was open with a pretty blonde girl. I say early 20’s. I went up to the counter and asked her if she had something i sit on in my car. Turned around and showed her the back of my pants. She said would plastic sack work. First she brought over a small little sack. I think she knew it wouldn’t work. That way I ‘d stay longer. She went back and got like a trash bag type. I said that will work and showed her the giant poop stain again. She didn’t mind taking another look. She smiled and said those things happen. I said thank you and she stayed at her counter the whole time I walk out the store. It was perfect view of my butt as I walked to front of the store. When I got home I cleaned up outside. I like the risk of being seen. Lots of cars driving down the road could see me.

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