Public Desperation

It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to indulge in my fetish, and that is exactly what I did tonight.

I had to go to the store to get some things, and also needed to get some gas, as well as put air in my tires, and since I’m expecting snow tomorrow, decided to do all this around 11:30. It was after midnight by the time I got to the gas station, and pumped my gas, and got some quarters to use the air machine, only to find out when I drove up to the air machine, that it was out of order.

At this point I had to piss pretty bad, and almost decided to go home and take care of that, but ended up finding another gas station that had an air machine that worked. I got out, and started checking my tire pressure before I put the quarters in to see how low they were, it’s in the low 20’s (F), so they were about 5-8 pounds light.

The act of squating to get to my tires really pushed hard on my bladder, and with how cold it was I was shivering, which made the desperation even better. I had all 4 caps off my tires, and put in the quarters, set the pressure on the machine, and started filling my tires, I got about half way through the first tire and felt how full my bladder was and with the cold decided “What the fuck?”, and started letting little spurts of piss go in my jeans, feeling the piss soak it’s way to my ass. I got the the third tire, and felt myself trembling both from the cold, and the fact that my bladder was about to burst, and that’s when I really let the flood gates open, and stayed squatting while filling my tire, and felt my piss pouring from the ass of my jeans. I made sure I stayed squatting until I finished pissing, so that was my legs stayed dry.

I finished with the air machine, and put the hose back and started putting the caps back on my tires and tried pissing a bit more, as it felt so fucking good and warm in the cold air, that I noticed I had to shit pretty bad as well, but decided to get in my car and get out before I got noticed. I thought about pooping my pants while I was out, but decided to go home.

Once I got home, I got out my camera, and decided to make the video I just posted. I meant to pull my jeans down to show you my wet undies, and before I could pull them back up, I couldn’t hold it any longer and filled my boxer-briefs with shit. I was feeling a bit naughty and mushed it a bit into my ass. I just barely got cleaned up and posted the video, and now typing out the story that went with the video.

Hope you all enjoy my experience, I know I sure did!

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  1. Great story….sometimes the the best wet and messy fun is when you least expect (and are least prepared) for it….

  2. Hi hanesdumper83,
    Last summer I had been at the lake, shitting in my speedo’s and playing in the water all afternoon. I had a big poop and played in it by swimming, sitting, sliding and walking with it tight in my black swim brief . They feel so good with poop in them, I almost cum in them automatically. I masturbated in the water immediately after I filled my pants and probably pissed my pants a dozen times because I bought a 6-pack of cheap beer and in the period of 4 hours, I drank every one of them. After about 4 or 5 hours, I got myself all cleaned up and dried myself off with a towel. I put a towel down on my driver’s seat so I would not get the seat wet. I started to drive home when I noticed my gas gauge was near empty. I didn’t want to chance it and I would need gas sooner or later anyway, I pulled into a high traffic volume gas station and stuck my debit card into the slot. Just as the counter reset to “0” I got a sudden urge to piss. Oh, I’ll hold it until I get out of her and make it to the back road. I kept diverting my mind off pissing by trying to think of something else but the urge was getting worse . I wanted to fill up the gas tank and now it was only 1/4 full. I had to piss bad and started squirming. There were people all around me and I couldn’t wait. I took a look at the guy across from me and he was not concerned as was the younger lady directly ahead of me. I couldn’t hold it any longer – gas tank now was about 1/2 full. I moved up real close to the gas pump and my car so no one could really see me pissing my pants. The piss came out slowly. My speed’o’s are good about holding pee but it will still drip out. Then I pissed full force not giving a fuck who saw it. The piss just trickled down my legs onto my shoes and puddled onto the concrete apron at the gas pumps. It didn’t make any dripping sound but continued to drip long after I was done. I had a nice puddle around me and pretended to know nothing about it. As I looked around as I was still pumping gas, the guy across from me was getting in his truck and ready to pull away. The lady in front of me was watching her gas pump so I don’t think he saw me piss my pants. Finally, I filled my tank and was ready to go. I opened my door, put my shoes on the passenger side on the rubber floor mat, doubled the towel, then sat down and started to drive home. As I pulled away, I looked at the puddle I made. It was pretty impressive. . My speedo’s were soaked but I didn’t really care. I’d just shit in them about an hour before! I ‘ll go home and shower in them and they will be ready for the next poop, piss, and cum adventure…….Maybe as soon as tomorrow!

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