Public Desperation

I’m currently on Holiday and am staying in a hotel. I arrived a few days ago and went into the public toilets in the entrance hall today. I was surprised to find that they are unisex and there was a very long line of people for one cubicle. There were about 10 of us waiting and the girl in front of me seemed desperate. She had shoulder length black hair and a curvy figure. She was bouncing about and moaning. I could tell she really had to go. She was wearing a tank top with tight, white jeans. The next person went but they started taking a crap and I knew it was gonna be a long wait. I could feel my crotch grow wet at the girls desperation. The line shrank until it was just me, the girl and two others in front. The next person went in- a man and he apologised saying he would be a while. I heard the girls gasp and then asked her, “why don’t you just use your room toilets?” But she said they were being used for repairs. The girl turned and seemed desperate. I then heard her gasp and watched as her crotch started to grow damp and it made its way down her legs and into a puddle on the floor. She was peeing herself right there. I felt my nipples harden and had to hold back an orgasm. She sobbed and stood in a puddle of urine clenching her butt cheeks. The man in the cubicle was still going strong. I saw her jeans bulge as a little bit of poop slipped out. I tapped her on the shoulder and said
” Excuse me, I think that mans gonna be a while so do you want to come to my room to clean up?”
She turned to me and replied:
“I would but I don’t think I can make it”
” You won’t make it in their either”
She bit back her lip and said,
“Ok, I might as well do it here so I’m not limping up the stairs and if a bit escapes well we are in the bathroom.”
I heard a large crackle as she released and a barrage of soft poop entered her underwear. I then escorted her and her wet, stained jeans to my room where I closed the door. Then she turned to me…
“Do you think I haven’t noticed that damp patch on your crotch” she said grinning. I have a feeling that turned you on as much as me. I still have a little bit left and you haven’t been yet. Care to join me?…

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  1. Jump to the occasion, I know I would have in a heartbeat !!! More power to you and yes please keep us informed of a part 2 !!!!

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