Public Desperation 2

She walked over and pulled off her top revealing a lacy, pink bra. She then unstrapped it and dropped it to the floor revealing her perfect breasts. She then asked If I had bought anything to ‘entertain’ myself- I had, some rope, a vibrator, a butt plug, plastic pants, a whip and a dildo. She stripped me down and put on the plastic pants followed by my heels and a blindfold. She then stripped down to her panties that smelled really stinky and told me to remove them with my teeth. I did so and felt myself beggining to cum. As I got the sticky fabric away from her ass she let out more poop right onto my blindfolded face. That was too much for me and I had a screaming orgasm. She laughed and told me to continue. I finished and she told me to lick her ass clean. I did so. She then placed a lump of shit in my mouth and gagged me with her poopy panties. She then grabbed the dildo and shoved it up my pussy and put the but plug in my ass. She then tied my legs together and my hands behind my back. She smirked and sat next to me. I still really needed to poop and pee.
” You know” she said, “I never went in my pants before but I found it amazing, so what I am gonna do is watch you suffer the way you watched me suffer in those toilets. That butt plug is staying in until I finish a film I would like to watch in my phone. When I’m done I may let you free, during that time I will have a camera videoing you and will put anything you do online.” The film was 2 hours long and all that time I was moaning and trying desperately not to go, after about and hour I felt a stream of pee gush out into my plastic pants. She looked up and smirked. Eventually the film ended and she got into the bed with me. She peed a little and told me to lick it up which I did. Then, she removed the plug and told me the recording was still going. She rolled me onto my breasts, pulled back the covers and grabbed the whip. She started whipping my ass as I moaned in pleasure. After about 30 seconds I felt the poop flow into the plastic panties and was hit at the same time with a really stinky smell and strong orgasm. We slept together that night with her hand in my poopy pants and me letting off small farts. I am home now but continue to chat with her on Skype. She pooped herself for me today and it was amazing…

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