Public bathroom poops are great!

I was at the mall with some friends and I needed to go the the bathroom so I excused myself from my group and went into the bathroom. They weren’t very busy it was me and like 1 other person. I walked in and found a stall hopefully away from the person but they were right next to me. I sat down biting my lip letting out a loud wet fart trying not to moan. I listened for the other person as they let out a loud smelly fart making me shiver. I was constipated for awhile so pooping would feel great. I heard a loud plop from the other stall grunting as I pushed my tird out, it was big and thick probably like the other girls. She farted acouple more times moaning out loud pushing out her last turd before leaving. I was wet hot and just wanted to poop, I pushed and grunted more pushing out my last large load before returning to my friends.

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  1. Great story. Constipated poops are such a turn on

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