Public Ass Ripper Desperation

Amy walked through the mall to the coffee shop at the far end. Her friend Kelly was already waiting inside, sitting alone at a table. Amy sat down opposite her as Kelly pushed a cup of caramel coffee towards her, “Your favourite”, she said. “Thanks”, Amy replied.

The two women talked for a while as they drank. Amy was trying not to look uncomfortable, she could really do without being in public right now. She hoped that Kelly wouldn’t notice.

“Something bothering you Amy?”, Kelly asked. “No, it’s nothing”, Amy replied, lying. “Only you seem to be quite distracted”, Kelly continued, “and you’re having trouble sitting still…I guess you’re seeing John tonight?”.

Amy had wondered if Kelly had known about her and John. “He told me about the two of you”, said Kelly, “and of course I know all about his fetish, after all we were dating for a while”. “Look, Kelly…”, Amy started before Kelly cut her off “and apparantly you love…doing it…for him, so how long have you been holding it in?”, Kelly asked, “You must be bursting to go, right?”.

Amy had found that John loved seeing a woman push out a thick, solid shit. The wider the better. It turned her on immensely to do it for him. John had told her that while Kelly had done it for him occasionally she had found the pain of pushing giant logs out to be too much to enjoy.

“It’s been a good few days”, Amy replied, and winced as her stomach cramped. She couldn’t help but moan softly with pleasure. “You’re actually enjoying this aren’t you, dirty bitch”, Kelly said. “Kelly…you and John have been over for a while now”, Amy started, “you just need to…”, she stopped speaking as a powerful contraction in her bowels forced her to gasp.

“Amy, I’m going to be the one shitting on John tonight, you on the other hand are going to be shitting for all these people here”, Kelly said, motioning to the people in the mall with her hand. “What the fuck do you mean?”, Amy asked, as she rocked gently in her seat. Kelly tapped Amys empty coffee cup, “Do you want to know what kind of laxative was in this?”.

Amy froze. “You’ve got to be kidding me! Kelly!”, she blurted. “Oh no”, Kelly said, reaching into her bag, she pulled out a small glass bottle. It was half filled with clear liquid. “A medical strength laxative they use to treat severe cases of constipation”, she said, “there won’t even be time for it to soften up Amy, you’ll push the whole solid log out in agony, right here.”

“Kelly, there’s a toilet right here in this cafe”, Amy said. “I think not”, Kelly replied, “Go and look”. Amy knew it was there, she got up and walked over to where it was. Then she saw the sign on the door “OUT OF ORDER”. She hobbled over to the table and sat back down.

“The nearest toilet is over the other side of the mall, you wont make it”, Kelly laughed, then clutched at her own stomach, “Fuck”, she swore. Of course, Amy thought, Kelly has been holding so that she can go to John later when I’m out of the picture. “How long have you been holding Kelly”, Amy said, trying to ignore the growing unrest in her bowels. “None of your business Amy, but 6 days, I’m going to show John a bigger, thicker shit that you ever could!”, Kelly snapped, “But first I’m going to watch you shit yourself right here!”.

Amy knew right then and there she had to get the rest of the laxative into Kellys drink. “I feel a bit peckish actually, Kelly”, Amy said, trying as hard as she could to keep composed. “Oh you do?”, said Kelly in disbelief, “cocky bitch, there’s no way you could eat now”. “I think you’re the one that can’t face food Kelly…six days…wow”, Amy mocked her. “Right, we’ll see”, Kelly said as she stormed off to the food counter, out of sight.

This was her chance. Amy quickly opened Kellys bag and poured the remining half of the laxative into Kellys coffee, then put the bottle back. She needed Kelly to stay seated long enough that she wouldn’t make it to the toilet either. How long had it taken the laxative to work on her? No longer than 10 minutes. Amy knew her body well enough to know that she wouldn’t make it to the toilet, but she would fight with all her might to keep the giant shit held back until it was too late for Kelly to make it either.

Kelly returned with two big slices of cake. “Enjoy”, she said sitting down. Amy felt a terrible urge to shit building up in her rectum, she did everything she could to keep composed. It was agony, but it felt amazing. She watched as Kelly finished her coffee. “Well, aren’t you going to eat?”, Kelly said, mockingly. Amy started on her cake, Kelly did the same. The pressure in Amys bowels was becoming unbearable, she leant forwards and moaned as her anus opened a little against her will. She snapped it shut. “Won’t be long now”, mocked Kelly, eating her own cake.

“Oh my god, I’m going to do it”, purred Amy, “You’re right I wont make the toilet”. “Then why the fuck are you smiling?”, Kelly asked. “Because it feels so good inside me, pushing to get out”, came the reply. “Can’t you feel it Kelly?, you’re looking uncomfortable”, Amy taunted her. “It’s just because I’m eating, bitch”, she snapped back. Kellys stomach was starting to ache badly, and the presssure in her anus was building steadily. Unlike Amy, she really did not enjoy the feeling at all. She stopped eating and squirmed in her seat as it got worse. “In fact fuck John”, Kelly said, panting, “As soon as I’ve seen you shit yourself in public then I’m going over to the toilet myself!”.

That’s it, thought Amy. All I need to do is hold on until Kelly definitely wont make it! Amy had stopped eating and was resting her head in her hands, an excruciating surge from her rectum pulled her anus open and the head of the massive log started to emerge, she winced and drew in breath sharply. She was close.

“Oh fuck…it’s coming out”, she said, looking over at Kelly. Her friend had stopped eating too and was cradling her stomach and fidgeting uncontrollably. Kelly felt as though a battering ram was tring to force it’s way out of her. “It’s the fucking cake!”, she shouted at Amy, “I shouldn’t have had any”. She leaned forwards and her eyes watered as she was opened up.

Amy knew it was time. “It’s not just the cake, Kelly”, she said, “What?”, Kelly replied through watered eyes as she reached down the back of her skirt to push the emerging giant back. “Have a look at the bottle”, said Amy. Kelly went into her bag and looked in horror at the now empty laxative bottle, then at her empty coffee cup. “I can feel it coming”, said Amy as an uncontrollable urge hit her, “it’s opening me up, oh fuck that hurts!”, she purred. Kelly sat in horror as she felt her anus began to widen, she knew there was no way she could make it to the toilet now.

Amy stood up. “Excuse me!”, she shouted to the waiter. “May I PLEASE use your toilet!”. “It’s out of order, sorry, go to the one at the opposite end of the mall”, he replied. “I can’t…I wont make it…I’m going to shit myself”, she blurted. “Get control of yourself lady, geez”, the waiter replied.

Amy lifted one leg onto the table and reached down to pull her underwear aside. “What the fuck are you doing!?”, the waiter cried. Amy stopped trying to hold it back and screamed out in pleasure as the shit slowly started to emerge “I can’t stop!”, she cried, “It feels so good!”. The pleasure of feeling her anus get ripped apart like this caused her pussy to flood, she couldn’t help but play with herself as the monster ripped its way out of her. Inch after inch slowly and painfully emerged as she rubbed herself to climax. The shit was hanging down to her knees before it fell from her. Kelly and the waiter stared at her with mouths wide open. “Get the fuck out of here!”, the waiter yelled, “Now!”.

Outside the shop, Kelly danced on the spot and clutched at her stomach. “You bitch!”, she screamed at Amy. Amy reached into Kellys underwear, her anus was twitching and pulsing. “Well, off you go then, aren’t you going to the toilet now I’ve been?”, Amy asked, mockingly.

Kelly staggered forwards, Amy followed. Her anus felt like it was burning as her stomach cramped and ached. People were obviously looking at her. She stumbled into the nearest shop “CAN I USE YOUR TOILET!”, she shouted, “Staff only”, came the reply, “the public facilities are down there”. She staggered back out again, with every step she felt like she would lose control.

“Are you OK miss?”, a random passerby asked, “I’m fine, I just need the toilet”, Kelly replied. “She’s going to shit herself”, Amy said, louder than necessary. A few people stopped and stared. Kelly felt an unbelieveable pressure in her rectum, and her anus opening. “DON’T LOOK!”, she shouted, “DON’T WATCH, I CAN’T HOLD IT!”. Some people had taken out their phones and were recording video. Kelly bent double and cried as the enormous shit started on its way. She fought to stop it but it was no use. Her panties tented, then were pushed down below her short skirt, revealing her massively stretched anus. People gasped as how wide it was “Why the fuck did she hold it in so long?”, said one watcher, “I didn’t think an asshole could stretch like that!”, commented another.

Kelly cried out with every bump and knobble on every painful inch until the whole thing fell from her and hit the floor. She pulled her stained underwear up and ran out of the mall. Amy looked at the shit on the floor, “wow”, she whispered to herself, “that WAS bigger than anything I’ve done”. Her own throbbing, torn anus reminded her of what she had recently done too. She decided to get out of there before the waiter came looking.

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  1. Enjoyed the story,but have to say that I much prefer soft poop to fill my panties.Soft spreads so nicely and covers everything so well.

  2. loved it. would have liked the person to struggle with pushing it out more. love the idea of a strong laxitive not working. so hot!

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