public accident

I was picking up a pizza today (or yesterday technically) and due to the virus the shop had a sign on the door stating that no more than 2 customers were aloud in at once. The woman that arrived after me blatantly ignored that sign and I was going to say something to her but got distracted by a wet patch on the back of her leggings. She went up to the front and I heard her asking the kid behind the counter if she could use there restroom and by the way her legs were crossed It looked to be a bit of an emergency. Any way he gave her the key and i figured that was the end of the show until she came out of the restroom with a wet patch half way down her leg. i was going to talk to her but she caught me staring and the glare she gave made it clear that I had best keep my mouth shut.
I know its not the most exciting story ever but i thought I would share it any way

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