Public accident – actually happened

I woke this particular morning with a mild stomach ache. I had not used the toilet for 24 hours, but as I needed to drive to Chichester to collect a parcel, I thought that once I had done that I would head for one of the main car parks with a large toilet block that you access from the pavement. I put on a pair of loose boxers and a pair of my favourite beige shorts. I threw a clean change of clothes in the back of the car.

As I was on my way to collect the package my stomach ache got stronger. I got the package and proceeded to town. I was beggining to feel quite uncomfortable, and quickly parked up and got out of the car. And walked along the pavement toward the toilet block. I suddenly got a huge stomach cramp but was able to recover ok,. I walked another 30 yards and was actually at the toilet block door when it hit stronger. I made the decision to break wind and chance what happens.

Within seconds I had messed my pants. It was a busy toilet block so I kept walking through the door, I stood there with people peeing at the urinals. Then I messed myself again and felt warm soft poop descending down my leg. There was a cleaner present who came to my aid (even though I was enjoying the incident). I was given a special key for the disabled toilet, and we walked back outside to the disabled toilet. By know I had poo below by knee and people we’re staring which I was ok with.

The cleaner asked if I needed any help, I then realised I had left my clean shorts in the car! I accepted his offer of help (he was around 20 ish I would guess) and he removed my shorts and pants, he cleaned me up with toilet paper and then went away for a few minutes. When he came back he had a pair of old trousers and a couple of towels. One was wet and used and cleaned up my leg and bottom the other one to dry me off.

My penis was fully erect and I was dying to masterbate. I asked if he had seen someone mess them selves before. Apparently only once when a man had to bring his wife into the gents to change her knickers.

Anyway once all sorted I left and headed to the car. I was able to get the old trousers off in the rear of the car and put on my clean pants and shorts. Once I got home I headed for the shower and was able to masterbate at last.

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